Shuufly (shuuichi_chan) wrote in pkmncollectors,

We Like Zukan GA & Auctions Reminder!

Hi everyone!  This a reminder that the We Like Zukan GA ends on Thursday at 1 PM EST (in about 2 days).  There are many cool zukan in this lot, so please check it out!  Please get your max bids in now, because we still have not raised enough to buy any of the lots, and you only have until Thursday!

Click the pics to go~!

And here is a reminder for my ACEO card auctions, which end on Thursday as well, at 6 PM EST!  Each is watercolor, ink, and gouache n thick paper, and will fit in any card binder : )  These are one of a kind!  Please check them out~

Click the pics to go to the auctions!

This is my one and only reminder for the GA and my auctions, so please bid now before you forget! ; P
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