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Small sales (2013 New Year postcards, regular postcards, and a coloring book)

Hi all! I have some small sales here. I do have to apologize in advance because the pictures were taken with my lousy camera phone. I still cannot find my camera charger. :( If you can forgive the quality of the pictures, then please take a look! <3

2013-01-28 22.28.13
2013-01-28 22.25.44

Some necessary information and rules (please read before buying or even looking!):
-Sales permission granted on 03/10/11 by denkimouse.
-I ship worldwide from Texas. I live in a pet-friendly home and my lovelies had no contact with these items. :D
-All prices are in USD. Please let me know your zip code or country so I can give you the correct quote.
-Ask for a quote. If you want to pass, I will not hold anything against you but you have to let me know that you pass! Have some courtesy. If you fail to let me know, I will only give you 24 hours to get back to me, otherwise the item you asked for a quote for is going back for sale/will be sold to the next person who inquires about it.
-I will only hold if you are committing to buy! If you want me to hold for a friend, I am only going to hold an item for 24 hours. If your friend does not get to me within that time, I will sell to the next person. If you need more time, please ask.
-I give priority to the first person who inquires about an item, not by the first person who wants to commit to buy. If somebody has asked for a quote and you mention you want to commit to buy, be patient and wait to see if they pass. I will let you know if it is sold or not.
-I will be mailing these postcards out in regular envelopes! If you want me to send them in a bubble mailer with cardboard protection, please know that this is going to raise shipping. :( USPS did raise their rates, especially on international shipping. I know, I hate them too.

2013-01-28 22.28.13
Ughh!! The quality! It burns! D:
Regular post cards and a coloring book! These cards are not in the best condition. They did come with small bends.
-All postcards with a design are $2 each. There are (2x) Pikachu and Togepi cards.
-The coloring book (the one with all the water types on the front) is $3.
-The postcards (2x) on the far left with a the diamond-shape in the center are free! No Pokemon appear on it and I wouldn't feel right taking money for something this mediocre! XD

SOLD: Japanese bath scene (card to the left of Marril), Daytime lunch scene (card right above Marril), afternoon scene (card above starry night gazing scene), cave scene, starry night scene

2013-01-28 22.25.44
2013 New Year cards! These are in excellent condition!
Keldeo postcard (2x)- 5.00 each
Pikachu and friends with lots of snakes (2x)- 5.00 each

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