pantherotter (pantherotter) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Small sales (2013 New Year postcards, regular postcards, and a coloring book)

Hi all! I have some small sales here. I do have to apologize in advance because the pictures were taken with my lousy camera phone. I still cannot find my camera charger. :( If you can forgive the quality of the pictures, then please take a look! <3

2013-01-28 22.28.13
2013-01-28 22.25.44

You know you wanna look ;DCollapse )
Tags: alomomola, clefairy, cubone, darumaka, dewott, dunsparce, ekans, elekid, golbat, gyarados, jynx, keldeo, magikarp, marill, meloetta, milotic, omanyte, oshawott, pignite, pikachu, rhydon, sales, servine, seviper, snivy, suicune, tepig, totodile, tympole, wailmer
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