Kassia9/ScarletPianoWires (kassia9) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Things Wanted :3

Woooow...been a long time since I posted, [whooaaaa...when did they change the layout for posting? x'D], so I thought since I'm looking for a few things, it would be a good way to get back into the swing. I'm mostly looking for sewaddle and zubat line things right now. I don't really have too much of sewaddle so if any one has anything of him, I might be interested!

Here's a rough image of what all I'm looking for:

[Click on the image to make it bigger]

Specifically I'm really after the mini sewaddle stamp =0w0= If anyone has this little stamp, I would be really grateful =^^=
Tags: crobat, giratina, golbat, onix, scolipede, sewaddle, shuppet, steelix, venipede, wanted, whirlipede, zubat
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