Ali (accio_pond) wrote in pkmncollectors,

I thought this was a really cool idea...

I don't know if this has been done before (or allowed, so if it's not someone please tell me!), but I know we have a ton of Pokemon Collectors around the world and I'd love to see what Pokemon Collectors are near me/in my area. I'd love to see how many of us there really are around the world, and maybe organize meetups in certain/populated places! :D

Anyway to keep this related to the comm, does anyone have pictures of (either sales pictures, or of their collection) of these plush? I'd like to see other pics besides stock ones before I buy them!

Also I have a question for you guys too! When did you start collecting, and how big has your collection gotten over that time? Ever since I got into Pokemon when I was 6, I've been buying/receiving merch over the years. Mostly the toys from BK/Mcdonalds, TCG, video games + accessories, and plush. Now I only have video games and plush, the other items have been lost/sold/thrown out over the years. :|
And last random idea, I don't know if this has been attempted at all but having a Wifi/Friend Code group for just pkmncollectors members would be really cool! I don't know if it's allowed, but I'd love to trade and battle with you guys too! (I have White, White 2, and Heartgold)

And that's it for my random post of the day... sorry about all of that! XD
Tags: cyndaquil, dragonair, totodile, victini
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