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So Much Fuzziness GA Payment 2

Hey everyone! 
These little guys arrived today and they're ready to be shipped!

These little guys are in good condition with their tush tags! Psyduck has a little lint in his hair.
Eevee is adorable and in great condition! Tush tags and does not faceplant!
Squirtle is as cute as always. Has tush tag as in good condition. 
Lapras is in good condition and has her tush tag. She faceplants, though.
Meowth is in great condition. Has tush tag. His tooth as wonky though. xD

International shipping got WAY more expensive, so sorry about the high shipping prices. :c
Send payment to garcialissette16(@)
Title the payment: Payment 2 + username+ what you bought
I'll have these hopefully shipped out by saturday if you pay on time. There's been changes with the USPS so I'm still trying to figure out what's going on. 
Spreadsheet is here:

Tags: group auction
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