Electric puppy collector (anemicshoe) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Electric puppy collector

Gets of the grass dino, electric canine and eeveelu variety!

Hey all! :D Today I got a total of 3 boxes in the mail! That was a great surprise heheh. So I figured i'd do a little update of things I have received since my last collection post. (Warning: image heavy)

Firstly since he got here first:

Bayleeeeeeeeeeeef! It may only be a side collection but ;-; I needed this plush. I got him from shibahara1986 for a very reasonable price!

Hes got a little wear on the eyes but really nothing to sniff at honestly! The rest of the plush is in great condition.

One thing I never knew about this plush is that it has ARMATURE inside it! 8D thats so cool! He can be posed in action/attack poses and other little minor movements x3

Next up is the Eevee Kyun chara :D I feel so lucky to have gotten one of the few denkimouse could win! Also I don't think iv seen many up close posts of it out of the package.

It is amazingly HNNNNGG! inducing adorable x3 Trust the japanese to take something cute, chibify it and make it SO CUTE IT HURTS!
Eevee is about 2" tall at the highest ear, fairly weighty for its size and feels like good quality solid plastic. The head is on a swivel as you can see from my pics but it leaves behind a gap between the head and 'mane' so it looks better on display facing the way it was packaged ;3

Next up is Eevee ippai!

These guys have such delightful poses and are just a tiiiiiny bit smaller than the newer TOMYs

Dat leafeon smile C: Also I was a little concerned about my eevee ippai. It seemed like his eyes weren't fully painted in (I should have taken a before shot) but the edges around the inside of the eye were really noticeable... So I took my 0.1 felt tip pen to it and honestly.... I kinda wish I hadn't >.< you can see a little mess around the edges now in my pic there. Eeehhh.. I dunno. It still looks great on display.

And finally! The electric canines 8D footprint figures!! EEEeee!

I spotted these on pokevault and had to have them! I rarely eeeeever see manectric for sale and never even seen electrike's figure! Tinytiny!

My only issue with the electrike footprint figure is his mucked up earstripe:

Its only supposed to zag once like that xD seems like the TOMY has this issue too.

I am seriously glad to have another electrike figure other than the kid. Hes supposed to be my main collection but I am finding more manectrics for sale!

Also im working on another custom mini sculpture :D

Another electrike of course! xD This one is supposed to be cowardly/shocked but also works as sleepy x3 I was just going for cute.
The camera reeeeeeeeeally didn't want to take good photos of the unpainted clay.

I am still looking for Electrike figures! Namely the TOMY and Hasbro. I am interested in ones that are good condition and $10 or less before shipping D:
Tomy: Hasbro(?): (color in pic is a bit darker than normal)

And a question for you internet savvy buyers. Is http://www.toysnjoys.com/pokemon.html a legit place to buy merch from? Their website looks a little... off. Has anyone here bought through them before?
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