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Feburary Custom and Some stuff for sales

Hellos everyone. I figure it be a good time to open up two custom slot for some plushies. Also I have a few more things up for normal straight sales as well. Without further ado here is the skinny on the rule and what not. Also anything bought tonight will be mail out tomorrow. I do combine shipping :)

Sales permission :
Granted on 12/9/12 by entirelycliched

My feedback can be found in here :

Rules & General Info :
1. All pkmncollectors community rules apply.
2. All price are not included with shipping fee
3. Paypal only. Please pay the fee too. I only accept in USD. When using PayPal select GOODS as payment
4. I will not sell to anyone who has been banned from pkmncollectors
5. If you don't reply back to me within 2 days I will move on to the next person who is interested in the same item as you.
6. In PayPal please include your screen name as well as what items you are buying.
7. Will hold items for 24 hours if committed to buy. No refund at all.
8. Paypal address : mousealchemist(at)yahoo(dot)com
9. I hand sew all my plushies so please allow between 2 to 4 weeks to make unless its super small I make those in under a week. Also if you order something lifesize allow for up to a month to make.
10. No lifesize wailords please.
11. I do own a small bird that stays in her cage at all times while I sew. :)
I use Fleece, Minky, and fuax fur. I also use polyfil stuffing.

Shipping fee :
1. I will always do combined shipping.
2. If you want me to do insurance please tell me and it will have some additional fees.
3. If you purchase is over $100 USD it will be free shipping within the US.
4. I ship on my days off from work normally on Tuesday, Thursday or Friday afternoon after work
5. I can ship USPS and UPS-tracking is included.
6. I ship internationally
7. I am not responsible if any packages or damage or lost so get insurance and tracking numbers for large orders please.
8. I ship from Sacramento,CA
9. UPS is cheaper when it comes into in the states is slightly cheaper then USPS btw.

Now for the direct stuff for sell.

Video Game

I am asking for it $27 shipped anywhere in the US. Outside the US might be a little more.Played through game will clear it for a new game when sold. :)


I pulled this guy last month. I have kept it in a plastic sleeve to keep it protected. I am asking $57 with shipping included.

Toys and Plushies
Arceus $5 the tag is torn on the side and a little bet.
I decided to not collect Zekrom anymore....maybe later XD
Zekrom Soap figure: $6
Zekrom Branpresto tush tag only: $12

Pokemon CD! 1st Movie with poster.

Poster Included!
Cd near mint condition. Asking $15.

customplushauction copy
Now for my custom auction Pokemon Plushies. I am having 2 slots instead of just one. One will be minky and the other will be fleece. It can be for any size up to 36" unless its a snake or tube like shape. Below you will find my gallery if anyone would like to see other plushies I have created.


My gallery :

Start time Now 2/7/13
End time: 2/14/13 at 3:00 AM PST

Almost forgot
Auction Rules:
1. Minimum increase is $3
2. No Snipping
3. Do no delete your bids
4. Have fun. :)
5. If bin I will make either a semilife size or lifesize of a pokemon within reason.
Tags: arceus, cards, custom, keldeo, plush, sales, zekrom
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