pikaball27 (pikaball27) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Pokemon Permanent Sales Post Update! Pokedolls MWT Starting at $17!

Hey everyone, I've updated my sales post as well as lowered prices!!
Take a look, I have several MWT Pokedolls starting at $17 as well as a few rare plush!
Shipping w/ tracking + materials + fess will be ~$2.50 if you live in the US!!
**Click The Link Below or Any of the Photos to be Transported**

Tags: bonsly, buizel, bulbasaur, celebi, chatot, chikorita, chimchar, cobalion, cyndaquil, drilbur, eevee, entei, flareon, glaceon, igglybuff, jigglypuff, jolteon, latias, latios, lugia, manaphy, mantyke, meloetta, meowth, mime jr., mudkip, munchlax, musharna, oddish, pachirisu, phanpy, pichu, pikachu, pokedolls, raikou, rayquaza, sandile, servine, shinx, snivy, suicune, tepig, terrakion, zubat
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