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Hello! Welcome! To a re-re-rai-introduction to me, your faithful and devoted leader and/or power hungry crazed merciless dictator!!

I am Gin, and I collect Raichu. I have collected Raichu since I first saw him and Lt. Surge together in Electric Shock Showdown when it aired in America in 1998. I quickly fell in love with electric types because of Lt. Surge. Yes, the electric type thing has been going on since day one. But back then, I only had Raichu, Pikachu, Magnemite, Magneton, Voltorb, Electrode, Jolteon and Zapdos to deal with!

I even had a site called "Raichu Too!" which was apparently clever. It boasted: "Raichu Too will have, for your viewing pleasure, a complete picture Gold/Silver Pokédex, and screen shots from every scene in Revelation Lugia [we already have a few up] that no one else has yet." Okay, eighth grade self - you do that!

So that's the history. Let us fast forward to six years ago... when the community came into creation... bear with me! We are getting there!!!

In those six years, my electrifying collection slowly took shape. It started out so disorganized my eyes water thinking about it. But don't take my word for it. This is not easy for me, but here we go...ack. Starting six years ago in my old apartment in Miyado, Japan...




enough of that horror. this was my setup before i moved.

Which leads us to now.... I have MOVED!!!!



Where have the legendaries gone? TADA!!!

I have many photos to post, so if you want closeups of each cubby, they are here!. But for now: the collections with major new additions shall be addressed!

Jolteon has...exploded. And more on the way! That's right - we're expecting! More Jolteons.

What's that, Flaaffy? Are you a groundbreakers prototype TFG? Are you?

She is - and was the last electric Groundbreakers I needed. View my TFG collection - grouped into released, unnamed set, and Groundbreakers!

The legendaries are MUCH less cramped now!

The non-dragon electric legendary zukans, together at last.

Finally, after 11 years of waiting since Pikachu and Pichu plushplush first happened, every electric rodent has a pokedoll. ... more later on that.

The other Pokedolls have moved to a new setup as well!

It is really hard to photograph things in an orange room.

The Orange Room. Yes, I have an entire room -- a guest room -- made orange, and it is my Pokemon only room, for friends to sleep in and make their own when they come to visit.

In the Orange Room, you get luxury bunk bed accommodations!

Your own sofa to lounge upon! Cropped from the shot: your own TV! Whoooooaaa!

Fatso will keep watch over you with all his Toy Factory brothers!

Reach high for shinies.

Continuing on in this mad rambling...Raichus. My last collection update was in October!.... Or as we now know it, "The same month Pokemon X/Y is coming out except thatitwaslastyear". I promised to update again soon with such miracles as "New Raichu genga including from DP and Ep 14", "new mirage plush" and other "VERY RARE goodies". Well it's not soon since then, but it is soon from now, as I have them in here, and you'll scroll down soon. Or skip it since this post is so long.

My fuzzy little yellow cheeked curly eared darlings made it safely through the move. Ah, what would I do without them?

Let's just begin with....well. You know. Here he is. The number I've kept is embarrassing, but check my other photos carefully enough and you can figure it out.

Moving on to... mirage plush! I did in fact get more, but now I don't remember who I posted here or not. Individual introductions aside, this is their new abode! How are there so many mirage Raichus?? How???

New pins. The big golden angry one, bottom left -- is possibly now one of the rarest items I own! Ever! For real! I'd seen bootlegs of this pin, but thought they'd just bootlegged some ART... not a REAL PIN!! Never before had I seen it. Oh The Beauty!!!

Another Ichi ni Pika Pi notepad... because I'll never see the end of this collection. If you don't know Ichi ni Pika Pi, check out my wantslist!

This is my latest custom... which is an understatement, I got it in fall! Alas, my camera with the photos of it was stolen, and the update never happened. Here you are, beautiful Raichu! About him, from my site: "This gorgeous painted Raichu by my wonderfully talented friend Growly is based on the Raichu painted in gouche by the insanely amazing Becky. Growly managed to capture his spirit perfectly, down to his little ears and head floof! Painted Raichu loves to pose with his actual real life painting! :D"

Finally, and it really is finally, I mentioned Production Art, did I not? Yes! I have it here! Some of which I should have posted oh so long ago!! I have Raichus from Episode 14.... and Raichus from DIAMOND AND PEARL!! Along with some other wacky stuff.... whatever it is....


For those unawares, I have the biggest, if not only, collection of actual artist drawings used in Episode 14, the episode that changed my life! And no, I do not mean just because I love Pokemon a whole lot, it is not quite that lonely a story! But I digress!

The details of these hand-drawn sketches, including matching anime screenshots, are here! But now for some highlights!

Classic Ep 14 hungry Ash!

Absolutely beautiful huge sketch.

"Oh well! Guess ya loirn dat playin wit da big boys can be a shockin experience."

Also new! Twin sketches!

Now a mega kick!!!!!!!!!!!

Sucks to be this.

And this.

Hold that thought-- this is hilarious.

As for DP, I really do have some amazing sketches! Four entire sketches! Of Raichu and Ash getting pelted with painful fire!

See, fire.

Too easy to animate flailing.

Did I ever show off Lt. Surge settei? No? Look how afraid Ash is of Americans!

Here's the weird thing... a Raichu... piece of film? All the info I know and have guessed are here from my site: "It's a piece of film - original film from 1997 used during the production of Episode 14. In what way are pieces of film like this used, I am still not certain enough to write about here. Based on the "famous" scenes that are always on these pieces of film, I will say my best guess is they were used for promotion or enhancement of some kind.

Whether you buy that or not, here's cute confused Raichu film."

Whew....that was a ton of things. And I am still not done, but that's good enough for now. Next is non electrics, if I can get the photos ready before new electrics come in... one week! Yikes!!

Until then..............thanks to all who read to this point! My comrades!
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