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Cute Tail goods, Chillarmies, Eevees, Chillarmies, and...?

First off, I apologize in advance. Somehow my posts always end up with tons of pictures.

With that out of the day...

Cute Tail Goods came out today in Japan! I was super excited as soon as I heard the news and have been counting the days down ever since. Gin and I arrived at the Center at 6:45 this morning because I am crazy and bad at math but at least that meant we were close to the front of the line for entering the store when it opened.




Tails as far as the eyes can see!

Some of the phone cases.

Minccino cups!

Eevee cups!

Phone sets and individual headphone jack charms.

More phone sets.

Starting with Chillarm! Here is the clearfile-

These main two poses are used on most of the merch.

Phone case and headphone jack charm set in package.

Bonus shot on my actual phone. I can't get over how cute it is!

Close up of head phone jack charm plus tail.


Close-up of charm.

I bought two straps, one to go on my Pokemon Center bag <3

From left to right: pen and pencil. They feature different coloring and different poses to help differentiate them.

Cups! I got two so I could use one.

I can't get over how cute the packaging is.


I just like how it says Chill Army. The Chillarmy Army!

After taking the cup out of the box...

...I have come to the conclusion...

...that they might not be made of plastic after all but maybe ceramic? But I would need someone to confirm since I might be wrong.

Also I am slightly upset that I did not check the cup better at the store because as you can tell the one I chose to be my using cup has a stray paint mark next to Minccino's eye. On one hand :/ on the other hand, he looks like he is all, How you doin? So...maybe it's okay.

Eevees! Here is the pouch. It's not super big but it could definitely fit a phone.

Tail is attached to the zipper.

Inside is purple with the Eevee name pattern.

Tails! From left to right, big, medium and small.

As further size reference, the biggest Eevee tail is bigger than my Minccino Pokedoll.

All three have different charms. This is the headphone jack charm.

Medium sized bootie-tooching Eevee.

Huge tail charm.

Because it's so big, you get two choices of clasps, one of which includes a small chain.

Bonus shot: the new N coaster designs came out today and I already have all five plus two extra XD Nuuuu what will I do with them.

Moving on.... (like anyone can move on from Tails!)

As I practically just posted a couple weeks ago with an update post tagged on to my promo intro post, I don't really have that many new things to show off.
But I have a couple!

I managed to acquire a couple Minccino goods between the last post and this post! (and actually I have one in transit to me but that will obviously have to wait for another day XD)

The clear strap I got as a part of a set of gacha straps at a used store in Akihabara.
The keychain foam figure is a custom created by anaildapinto.
A lot of the Japanese Minccino merchandise looks the same, so I'm always happy to add Mincies to my collection that are unique!

I was so happy to find and acquire this dot sprite charm pin. I missed out when they were originally released and I never see it for sale.

My friend sakusha gave this to me when we met in front of the Pokemon Center today. It's a magnet!

I also got this little fellow and.... hey wait, that's not a Minccino!

Oh lordy, they're multiplying! Help!

I picked up a couple new Victini's....

This little guy is a Tohoku exclusive, although apparently a little old. I thought he would make a great little friend to the 1:1 Tohoku plush. I call him Victeeny.

I also got the Pokedoll stamp pin from pokemontrader, who included the red Victini marker as a surprise bonus!

I reorganized my still new-ish white shelves and am fairly happy with how it looks, for the most part.

This shelf is kind of a mess, though. It includes all my prizes from the recent 7-11 Lotto, as well as Pita-Poke figures and some misc. Kids.

I created an official Chu shelf since I officially have enough to necessitate a shelf XD

My main Eevee shelf is starting to get crowded. The new additions are the 7-11 kyun figure and the Tomy figure.

Finally, the Gentleman Eevee shelf, now with 100% more Pokedolls! (Thank you to shibahara1986!)

With the white shelves a little more organized, I was in turn above to clean up the couch display area.

Along with Victeeny, another new neighbor is the Lotto Pikachu plush. I only have him thanks to the incredible luck of my husband, who managed to pull "A" out of the prize box!

I have one last get that is so special, it gets it's own cut tag. What could it be?!

Between November and December of last year, the Center ran a lottery for a chance to purchase the Charizard 3DS LL. The lottery was simple: you entered with your name and address and after the submission period, if you got a postcard back, you could take it to your local Center and have the privilege of buying the 3DS. The Tokyo Center had a station set up specifically for entering the lottery and I remember filling a form out on a whim, incidentally the same day as the initial November Eevee promotion.

I didn't think I would get chosen, since I have the worst luck of anyone, and yet somehow, December 8th I check my mailbox and lo and behold, there is a little post card in there saying I won!

TLDR: Charizard 3DS LL XD



...And open!

As an owner of both a Charizard and Pikachu 3DS LL, I'm not sure which one I like more...If it's even possible to say. Pikachu is cute, but Charizard just seems classier on the black background.

Charizard Pokedoll says he prefers the Charizard version. I think he is biased.
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