abbeymew (abbeymew) wrote in pkmncollectors,

attention UK collectors!

New Tomy merch is now in forbidden planet stores across the UK!.

yay! I wandered into my local forbidden planet this morning and found boat loads of new pokemon merch :D All from the new Tomy range! 
They had various plushes including reversible starters and mini keychains. loads of new figures, evo sets and versus figures as well as hyper sized legendaries. and perhaps most excitingly a remote control pikachu! 
here is what I got :D

if you do not have access to one of their stores then they will also be available online. some of the stuff seems a bit expensive but isnt that the way here in the uk! I was so happy to find all of this today and hope to go back and get more soon :D I am surprised that this stuff isnt in our toys r us yet, maybe someday though

sales plug - ttp://

thats all for today :)
Tags: axew, reshiram, tomy
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