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BW05 Zukan Payment Post and extras sale//MPC 24 IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT

Hi everyone! I hope everyone's enjoying their weekend. I just got my shipment of 29 Shiny Collection boxes and 40 BW05 zukan in this morning! I processed everything, and I have prepared the payment post. If you pre-ordered zukans, take a look!

Here is the Google Docs Spreadsheet with payment info. (CLICK HERE!)

PLEASE MAKE SURE TO SEND THE CORRECT PAYMENT (USA/INTERNATIONAL)! Thanks! All payments should be sent to jaskensim(at)aol(dot)com ASAP with the subject "BW05 Zukan: (LJ Name)(Zukan Purchased)". Thank you kindly!

Also, as usual, I have extra zukan. They are:

3x Genesect
4x Druddigon

They are $10 shipped in the USA or $13.50 outside the USA! Let me know!

Also, I have some very bad news about the MPC set 24 pre-orders. They have been canceled by the distributor. While I have my suspicions as to why my supplier had problems negotiating with Chinese manufacturers for an export permit, I will show you all the correspondence I had with my distributor. I have been doing these types of pre-orders for 2+ years and this has NEVER happened. I am sure you are all disappointed in me as much as I am upset with myself. I am truly sorry. For those curious, under the cut is my correspondence with my distributor. Keep in mind that I posted pre-orders for you guys only after my contact CONFIRMED my order. I am sorry. ;_; I hope you all can find these plush somewhere!

After I received the above message, I posted pre-orders on PKMNCollectors. I received the below message the other day:

Bare in mind that I have placed these kinds of orders with no problems before, so I know that something new must be inhibiting things...I am not going to leave you guys hanging with my distributor's "trying to get this item." Please know that I feel really bad about this. :

That is all. Thanks for understanding guys! If you have any questions about anything, ask me below! :)
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