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My newest gets!

I was planning on posting this Friday but I wanted to see if my package from SMJ would come by Saturday. But it didn't. So I'll have to do those gets this upcoming weekend when I go back home again. (I requested shipping last Tuesday and I only live two hours away from their US warehouse so...yeah. Not very happy to wait so long but what can ya do? :/ )

Onto my newest goodies! :D

(FYI: So sorry about the crap quality. I really do need a new camera that takes quality pictures and video under $200. Any suggestions?)

gets feb 8

absol fig

Here's my beautiful Absol TFG I got from shirohikarikaze. I think it might have come off of its base in the mail but I'm not too bothered as a little glue can fix that. I seriously love this thing. It's so detailed and I love the attacks on it. I'm not a huge figure person but adore this lil guy.

growlithe badge

This badge is from silent_saviour. It's a mandatory collection get as I'm a growlithe fanatic plus it's adorable and so tiny! c:

ponta rapidash charms

This gorgeous set is from alchemillapkmn. I'm trying to build up a collection of MIP charm sets of my favorite Pokemon. I have at least 10 now and I've barely begun. >.<

HQ eevee

HQ EEVEE OMG I LOVE THIS THING SO EFFIN MUCH. If you are even slightly considering this plush get it. If you only want one eevee plush for your collection get this one. If you love high quality, soft plush get it. The naming fits perfectly. This really is a nice sized, high quality, well constructed, extremely soft plush. The only thing not perfect is how hard it is to get the ears to stand up but I don't care, I think they are quite cute when they flop as well. c:
Oh and she is from ebay from a legit, reputable seller. With ebay bucks I got her $32 shipped. STEAL.

jolteon tomy

Tomy Jolteon! I got this beautiful plush from silent_saviour as well with the Growlithe badge above. I now want to get the other seven but they would be sooo expensive getting them individually so I think I'll opt to get the entire set. The bad part is I also want to get the entire Pokemon center vee set and I've already started getting the DX vee set. I can't help it. I love the eeveelutions design wise and I've always had them in my games and love them in the anime. I love canines and they just have so much merch that can be pricey but decently available. I can already see it - these guys will be a big part of my collection.

ampharos canvas

Last but certainly not least Ampharos canvas that I got with my Absol TFG fro shirohikarikaze. I have a huge soft spot for Ampharos since I caught a mareep in the original gold. I only wanted it because I wanted to catch every pokemon I saw but after using him a few times he quickly became a main, key pokemon in my team. He's just so badass and one of the most reliable Pokemon I have ever had in my games. Now I need the banpresto plush, zukan, and sheep line kids.

Thanks for looking guys! ~
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