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Quick gets post and sales

Does someone remember the plush lot with Eeveelution Canvases for which I looked for a co-host about a month ago? Well, no-one appeared to help me out, and I really couldn't promise, that I would have a high enough bidding limit to arrange the GA on my own, like I first planned. But I still tried my luck with the lot. I was pushed to the absolute limit, but somehow I did win it in the end.
They arrived only a week later (with a horrible customs invoice -.-') and now I'm a happy owner of the whole set of Eeveelution canvases~!

And because the 1st gen eeveelutions were the only ones I was missing, I now have many spare Canvases for sale. It was a tough decision to let go of my old ones, but because this new set was all MWT, I just couldn't justify keeping some with detached hang tags, even though there is nice memories getting those exact plushes. I just hope they'll bring as much joy to whoever will buy them. ^_^

I also have new pan stickers (with eeveelutions and double stickers too!) and straps for sale. And I have reduced some prices from my previous items. This probably isn't the best time to sell Amada stickers after placetohide's awesome sticker sales, but I arranged all my remaining Amada stickers into type lots. I just want them gone now, so no more individual sales for them.
I'm still open for reasonable haggling, especially when combining multiple things :)

Sales permission granted by rachelled on 3/9/2012
My feedback can be found here

- All pkmncollector's rules apply!
- Paypal only!
- I ship worldwide from Finland
- Prices don't include shipping, paypal fees or possible material costs.
- I'm not responsible for items after they have left my hands. You can ask for tracked mail, but keep in mind, that it'll be very pricey.
- I'll hold items 24 hours to anyone showing interest, but after that, if there is no sign of the payment or reason to keep it on hold longer, it goes to the next person. If you ask for a quote and decide to pass, please tell me! Don't keep others waiting!
- I may be willing to do longer holds, but you must commit to buy and have at least 5 positive feedback.
- Payment plans are usually okay.
- I may be willing to haggle. It does not hurt to ask, and especially with bulk orders I usually say yes. :)
- My home is pet- and smoke-free, but since most items have been owned by someone else before, I can't guarantee anything.
- If you want your item to be mint in all ways, ask my opinion/more photos. I have many used items and don't really want to look every one of them through a magnifying glass. But I try to warn anyone interested, if there is noticeable problems with the item before asking for payment. If the condition is not like you hoped, you are free to back out.
- I'm open for trades or partial trades too! Check out my newly made wish list
- Please specify your desired shipping class, if you know it from the start! I'll give a quote for both for everyone who don't mention it, but it'll make my job a bit faster and easier, if 1 quote is enough

About shipping:
As you can notice, I mostly have very small things on sale, because anything thicker than 3cm will be very expensive to ship. Smaller orders are quite reasonable though and here are some shipping prices to help you decide:
Stickers: $1,07 (Priority class. Economy is just 0,10 cheaper so not worth it)
Figures: Usually $2.01 and up to the US, depending on the weight, although it might be less too.
Plushes (or anything going over 3 cm) to Europe: 6,43$ (E), 8,44$ (P) or 10,32$ (P with a tracking number)
Plushes to anywhere else: 9,78$ (E), 12.46$ (P) or 13,00 (P with a tracking number)

I mainly use two different shipping classes: Priority and Economy.
Priority: 2-5 days to Europe, 1-2 weeks to the US
Economy: 8-10 days to Europe, 10-15 days to the US. BUT it has taken over a month more than once, so you may want to think twice, even if it is cheaper!

Eeveelutions (all in mint or near mint condition. As fas as I can tell at least, I'm not very strict with these things. They have no stains, piled fur, odd odours or lose threads at least)

Eevee MWT 100$
Umbreon (detached hang tag) 110$
Espeon (tush tag only) 90$
Leafeon (detached hang tag) 100$
Glaceon (tush tag only) 80$

There were also some walky plushes in the lot. They are all in as good condition as the eeveelutions, but without hang tags

This is the bigger Walky Eevee. I didn't manage to find any recent sales for it, so it's 40$ OBO

Small Walky Johto starters are 30$ OBO each

Pan stickers

Amada stickers
If you are not familiar with Amada stickers, they have a dex info on the backside, like this:

And for last I have this pile of dublicates. I think there's around 56 stickers and perhaps 35 different ones. Just take them away for 4$ or something.

Miscellaneous flats and a stamper


A puzzle




There are used figures among these, but it's shown in the price usually. I can clean paint marks from other figures before shipping.

Clipping figures

A Meowth stamp and a Squirtle bobble head

The Meowth exceeds the 3cm shipping limit. So it's viable only with a plush or some bigger order.

Puchi Chara

These are rare figures from the GBA era. They can be taken off from their base and attached to your GBA SP.

Human figures

Metal and metallic colored figures

Tomy, candy, bath salt and unknown figures

the shiny Uxie is a repainted candy figure


Tomy Zorua exceeds the 3cm shipping limit. So it's viable only with a plush or some bigger order.


The Mudkip and Gengar exceed the 3cm shipping limit. So they are viable only with a plush or some bigger order.
The two small, blue straps are Totodile and Squirtle. It's very hard to get a good picture of them, but here's a close-up.

Totally random

Can be added as freebies with bigger orders
The Palkia exceeds the 3cm shipping limit. So it's viable only with a plush or some bigger order.
Tags: blastoise, charmander, chikorita, cyndaquil, eevee, espeon, glaceon, leafeon, meowth, sales, squirtle, totodile, umbreon, zorua
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