xanxas (xanxas) wrote in pkmncollectors,

trade post

i am tradeing away some of my non main collection items i got on impulse
I am looking for ghost, and Turtwig/Torterra items in return
Plushies(L to R):Banpressto 2004 tush tag only bulbasuar, banpressto 2000 tush tag only totodile, banpressto 2010 both tags Umbreon ,flareon pokedoll (bootleg), jakks 2008 talking  Shinx ass tag only.
figures:(kids)mamoswin,snivy and XD embore (bottelcaps) victini and serperior
(misc) 1999 pikachu money bank, advanced gen pencil board

to make the post bit less boring here is a quiz kinda thing

This is my Emolga his name is Flow but why? (clue:SEGA)
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