melissar1 (melissar1) wrote in pkmncollectors,

lucky find, recent gets and collection update

So the other day i found a super bright orange pikachu plush with no tail!
I asked if it counted as a mirage plush and it did *A* <3333
the next day i found another one with no tail but normal colored! O:
photo 1
photo 2

both mirage chus together! :D

photo 3

now for recent gets!
photo 4
Towel torchic MWT. American pikachu pokedoll DX MWT. Marill and togepi both MWT. Banpresto arceus annd my sub plush with a little bow ;o; <333
photo 1 (1)

photo 5
things are piling up too much! time to start selling again @n@;;
Cheetoechu is burning my eyesss haha
Tags: collection, pikachu
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