mriwanaga (mriwanaga) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Some boring logistical questions

Sorry for the boring post but I had a question about SMJ that I couldn't find the answer to anywhere online and I thought I might as well throw in an Ebay question too since their customer support is closed right now. Anyways, here are the questions:

1. on SMJ the status for my shipping request says "Done."  Does that mean that they have sent out the item in the mail? I haven't received an invoice for the shipping cost or a tracking number and it's been "Done" for a few days.

2. on Ebay I chose the "use pending funds to pay for shipping" option and my funds were finally released today but I wasn't billed for shipping.. it wasn't added to my Ebay fees either so now I'm kind of confused as to how I'm supposed to pay for the shipping since they never took it out of my pending funds nor did they charge my credit card. Nevermind they finally charged me after like a day of waiting -_-. Good thing I didn't spend the money or else I might have ran into some issues lol

Sorry if this post is a bit spammy but I promise I'll have an interesting collection update post in a week or so when ALL OF MY PACKAGES ARRIVE!!!
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