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A small (?) Charizard release + and a small want (and a small update)

Good evening (or morning) fellow community members!

As of now, there is nothing exciting happening at the Center before next month when we get a Charizard promotion and four Deoxys pokedolls.
However, there was a plush release today. Although not exclusive to the Center, I was surprised to see several shelves stocked full when I showed up this morning.


Amazon says the size is about 13 inches, but it's still impressive to see in real life!

Charizard is made of a soft minky fabric, except for the inside of the wing, the belly and the claws.

Tail flame is so fluffy!

I love Charizard but (to me) a lot of his plush are a little derpy. This face, though...I just love his expression!

Outside tag art. The yarn stitched outline looks similar to the Eeveelution tags.

Inside tag art.

Size comparison to 1:1 Victini. He is a pretty decent size for a Charizard plush!

Gin is currently out of town, and as such I can't say 100% until she confirms, but I am 99% sure the Charizard plush will become available on Sunyshore when she gets back.


Because what is a post from me without something Minccino related...

I was so excited to both find and get this bag! Although I wasn't into collecting when this promo happened, it is still my favorite, as it combines my favorite things: Chillarmy/Minccino and musicals!

Opposite side of bag has Emonga :D Ready to take over the kitchen from Gordon Ramsay.

This little guy came as a bonus with the bag (along with a bunch of other things including a Gulpin charm strap and an Emonga Pokemon Center plush)


On an ending note...my first (small) wants list!

There are only two items I am looking for at the moment.

Minccino Kid
Note: Not attack version

Cinccino Kid
Preferably in box with card, but would accept outside of box with card as well.

If you have these kids and are willing to sell them, or know someone or somewhere I can get them, please let me know!
Tags: charizard, minccino
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