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Quick offers, and very small gets!

hey guys! I'm here today with some small offers, since I need some room on my shelves, and to pay my AMAZING grandma back for a not-so-little something she bought me today. So, here we go!

Note: I MAY NOT be shipping internationally! The post office here has made things pretty difficult and costly, two things I don't really have the time or patience to deal with. (Especially with the larger figures!)

EDIT- I added a few more figures that I'd forgotten to include, such as a SHINY TYROGUE HASBRO!

SANY0704 SANY0699

Sales permission granted in March of 2011 by Dakajojo.
-I may take a while to ship, depending on my schedule! Please bear with me. ^^;
-All items will be wrapped appropriately. If you want a box, you'll be paying a bit more to cover both materials and shipping. If the item(s) are particularly fragile or large, I will automatically add this to your total (and notify you, of course).
-If no one makes a higher offer within 24 hours, you got it! ;)

Blastoise Hasbro- Offers starting at $10
Venusaur Hasbro- Slightly scuffed, offers starting at $8

Brock- Scuffed, offers starting at $5
Bulbasaur and Wartortle ThinkChips- Offers starting at $3 each

Cute little walky-rolly Mew- Offers starting at $5

Charizard Hasbro- Scratched up on his belly and one wing loose, offers starting at $9

Shiny Tyrogue Hasbro- Has an odd scratch on his head, otherwise fine, offers starting at/around $10

Aggron Hasbro- Offers around $5
Sceptile Hasbro- Offers around $4
Misdreavus Jakks- $4
Misdreavus V-Trainer- Offers around $4 I guess?

And now, some gets...

I dunno where I was going with that. Hm.

THIS CHARM. THIS. CHARM. I squee'd when I opened this envelope. Oh man. The only downside is, now I want more Reshi charms...oops. These little dangly devils are so addictive.

BE STILL, MY STUBBY LEGS. <3 This little plushie...I simply cannot. This plush was one I put off for way too long, just like most other plushies I end up getting. But this one came at the best possible time. The night I got him, we had a death in the family, and coming home to find this little squishy babby on my bed really helped me out, with those big eyes and that soft, squishy mane. It seems like all of my beast dolls have come to me at really special or important times...maybe that means something. Hmm.
Tags: aggron, blastoise, bulbasaur, charizard, mew, misdreavus, sales, sceptile, tyrogue, venusaur, wartortle
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