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The most surprising box I have ever gotten in my life.....

Because honestly, it IS! This is my first FromJapan package and I am very satisfied with their service!!!! I got a lot of random things from YJ and I did get competition, but not by a whole lot......and what RANDOM AND SUPERDUPER AWESOME GETS do I get??????????

Just watch. Image heavy!


Sooo, here it is opened!

Two cute bags on the top!!!

Wait..........what is that?.....

No, it can't be....

I GET A FREAKING PIKACHU LINE ZUKAN????????????????? WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA???????????????? I honestly didn't expect THIS. I am not a collector of zukans, but this is REALLY tempting to keep.......

This is not all though. No no. The surprise I got is MUCH BIGGER!

Other random get....these look like some kind of pens, it has the Eevos from Gen 1 on it....I didn't open it yet, so I will see! (I was too excited to open up more surprises, if there will be....)

I guess some kind of promo thing? Piplup battrio isn't there, but there is a Pichu clear kid and the Arceus is a shimmery guy...a TOMY?

This Pikachu is REALLY cute! You can sew it yourself!

From behind!

Other random items...Shaymin and Pika keychains that light up, glow in dark Dewgong keychain, cute beach diorama with meowth and Surfingchu....and Takuya keychain from Digimon!

Random lot of figures! Which includes...

OMGOMGOMGOMG A BASELESS SLOWPOKE LINE ZUKAN????????????? Now I didn't expect that.........they truly look very detailed and gorgeous......

I thought that Espeon was a TOMY when I bidded back then....but no, the Vappy is a TOMY and espy is much smaller? Can somebody tell me which figure it is? Some kind of chuppa figure?
Okay, it is the chuppa! Thanks guys! <3

OMG, SLEEPY PACHI TOMY (derp, clipping figure)????? Another one I didn't expect to be there......I will clean him up well, maybe keep him, but I am not a Pachi collector...

Random clear TOMYs I got in there as well!!! now that's really interesting! =O

And some kind of shimmery Entei TOMY as well.......

Now you think these were the surprising gets? YES, BUT NOT ALL. THE MOST SURPRISING ONE ISN'T HERE YET!

Stuff I opened so far...

Random bag of things....

Random cool stuff! I was only after the Snivy keychain and some other tiny things, I will put up the rest for sale later on!

There were also these two really pretty shimmery HoOh and Cyndaquil keychains! It's hard to take a photo of them!

Then there was this random lot of flats....let's see what they are!

The cards upside down were two, and I got this neat Armaldo EX and Sneasel!!!

These were just random packages...........so I began to open them....

.........I can't breathe.....

I know the picture is side ways, but.................omg........is that really a CoroCoro Mew?.........BUT WAIT!

Since there were two packages, I have two CoroCoro Mews.........THIS IS MADNESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank god for my camera doing the photos well, my hands are SHAKING still. I never would have even IMAGINED in my life that I would get this card on my hands, let alone TWO of them!!!! I have no words really. NO WORDS.

Now to the other packages! They had these pretty Rapidash TCGs....I really want to keep one *W*

And this is pretty much the rest I got...Subway Master figures, I <3 Eevui keychains, a Snivy I thought was shimmery (but he is cute nonetheless <3) and the Flareon and Jolten plush from last month (and a Seto Kaiba figure for my friend)....

All in all......I honestly didn't expects such surprises. I feel just so very lucky today, OMG ;w; <333333
I honestly cannot express my happiness by typing, but you can pretty much imagine me being super excited.

Thanks a ton for looking as always, I appreciate it tons! <3
Tags: eevee, figures, kids, mew, plush, snivy, tomy
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