iaibou (iaibou) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Tapir update

Update on my Drowzee and Hypno collection~


I got some stampers of Drowzee and one metal figure and the red figure some time ago. I really want to find more metal figures of the two they are just too cute! I would especially want to find some Hypno figures since Drowzee seems to be everywhere. I'm a bit disappointed that whatever figure or item they always have the same pose. Much like my small Abra collection shows, all Abras have that same sitting position xD

And the Hypno plush I got from Ballerbandgeek is just gorgeous! It's really the gem of my collection and it's just so soft and nggggh!! <3 How can words describe?! So much worth every penny spend on it. Even when customs office tried to snatch him, haha.

Also sales plug c:
Tags: collection, drowzee, hypno
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