Evey (ville_valo) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Small plushie sales :3

Hi everyone :) I've just some plushies for sale so you should come check it out XD <3


Sales Guidelines:
-Sales permission granted on May 6th, 2012 by entirelycliched
-My feedback is here
-Prices will not include shipping unless otherwise stated
-I will only hold an item for you, if you are 100% sure you are committed to buying it! (I will leave negative feedback, you are committing to buying the item!) I do not like leaving negatives :(
-Please contact me if you have ANY questions!
•I ship from Florida
-I cannot ship international it this time, I'm very sorry :(.
•If you would like to add tracking/insurance, please let me know. Once items are shipped out, I am NO LONGER responsible. Please take note of that~!
I will ship every 2 or 3 days, or even less. I'll try and get the items shipped as soon as I can, but I'm really sick so please don't mind if it takes a few days D: If you need/want your item sooner please let me know <3.
•Paypal only!
•Payment is due within 24 hours of me giving you a quote, unless we've worked something out.
•Payment plans are accepted, as long as it's reasonable
PLEASE! When sending payment, include your username and what you bought in the title and/or memo
•When you are sending a payment, please send it as GOODS! Not a gift
•All prices are in USD

All of the Pokedolls are in perfect condition :)
Hang-tags are included but are detached
Kyogre, groudon, victini 20$ ea
Blitzle: 18$

Big bootie Vaporeon: 12$

And for auction is a Dragonite Banpresto? UFO. I looked on PPP and that's about all the info I have on it lol. Otherwise I haven't seen it anywhere else before. He's a tad bit dirty, but otherwise in good shape :3

He starts at 15$ Because that's how much I bought him for and don't know what to price it <.<
Auction ends at February 21st Thursday at 6:00pm EST.

Tags: banpresto, blitzle, dragonite, groudon, kyogre, pokedolls, vaporeon, victini
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