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a stinky update!

Hi everyone! Hope you're all doing well! I am still around. Man, when is the last time I posted? XD I don't post as much since I rarely buy anything these days and therefore haven't had anything new to update with. However, I could not resist a few items I saw for auction recently...!

 photo trubbish_zps1e0dcbc2.jpg

 photo 2013-02-1815_zps3f2091bd.jpg
I finally added new things to my meager Trubbish collection!!! The large page with trash lovin' dancing Trubbish is new, and the tiny little Pokedex AR sticker beneath the pan sticker is new as well. Got them both at the same time. I am so in love with the super happy Trubbish. He is usually is the same pose no matter what, so I just love this one to pieces. HE'S SO HAPPY TO BE A TRASHBAG! *w*

That is my pitiful update. I wanted to post so you all know I am alive XD Oh also, I recently bought plastic display cases meant more for beanie babies but I've been using them for my Pokemon stuff! However, rearranging is proving to be a HUGE job. I made quite a bit of progress today but I still have to take a break. I forgot how much stuff I really have... here is a picture of my process in case you were interested.

 photo marilldfeerlingas_zpsa5d43cd6.jpg
With the way I'm arranging things, I'll have to make room on a smaller shelf I have to put some more Marills on there... and Deerling plush. Oh my gosh I have so much stuff.


Thanks for checking out my tiny update. I've been working on pricing my TCG collection. It's a pitiful collection of older cards, but I don't want them anymore and if I sell them off I might be able to make a bit of money for a convention I'm going to at the end of June ^^ so you can (eventually) expect a TCG sales post from me! Until then, I'll keep lurking while you're all being awesome!
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