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Hi guys! I'm taking part in the reddit Pokemon exchange, and the matches were sent out today. My giftee loves Pidgeot, Scyther, and Hydreigon.
Please show me what you have for sale - and post links to your sales posts if you can! If you don't have a special post, even pictures would suffice. I'd rather avoid flats, unless you have larger goods as well as a few stickers or something. Also, I live in Canada so please be prepared to ship internationally. Given the recent changes to USPS, I understand this has become a bit of an issue for some shippers. :(

I'm also open to customs. My limit is probably only about $40-$50 because there's still shipping from you to me and then me to her to factor in. :( However, the shipping deadline is March 1st (so soon, orz), so it'd have to be something that could be done quickly and still look nice.

If you guys know of any unofficial stuff like t-shirts, makeup, jewelry, or other general wearables (ie, redbubble, teefury, Sanshee, Shiro Cosmetics, etc.), please let me know. Was hoping Shiro Cosmetics had eye shadows of the three 'mons my match likes, but the owner has kept the names fairly generic. Unfortunately, with Nintendo cracking down on Etsy, I'm not sure where else to look.
I'll be going to work in a bit and will be slaving away till the wee hours of the morning, but I'll check tomorrow~ Thanks in advance!
Tags: hydreigon, pidgeot, scyther, wanted
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