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Seeking Larvitar Plushplush and why Pokemon is treating me better

So I've been seeking a Larvitar Plushplush for some time now; and haven't see any pop up on the community lately. The ones to sell a few years ago were about $100, and the only one online is on SMJ for 20000 yen and $22 commission  I also wanted to say thank you to the Pokemon community for being so nice to me; and for the pokemon players of Dream Wizards for excepting me for who I am. As you guys may or may not know; I usually mainly take interest in yugioh; but that community is starting to not see who I am. I'm actually wheel-chair bound, and for the past few weeks people at my yugioh locals have been low-balling me; dissing my collection, and dissing the fact that I'm wheelchair bound. Many of the spoiled kids refuse to play me because " I suck", and just recently I found out that a kid whom has made fun of my disease topped a yugioh event; which infuriated me. Anyways been able to go to Pokemon League; and everyone was so friendly,and didn't make fun of me. I think I'm going to stick to this wonderful community, and says thanks to all who was nice to me, and everyone whom has helped me get my grails on this community bys elling to me.
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