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Valentine Surprise - Plasma Storm Card Trades - Hound/Meowth/Growlithe/Vulpix line Wants - Stickers

Hi! ^^

First up, I got my Secret Valentine gift on Tuesday. EEE!!! It is SO AWESOME!

When I opened the package, this is what I saw -

Doom Feet

And I nearly had a heart attack.


Custom Houndoom Pokedoll from colocho_robotto. SO AWESOME! Thank you so much! :D I always wanted Houndoom to have a Pokedoll and now I have one! ^^

Now I just need to find one of those elusive Houndour Pokedolls to go with him. lol.

On Wednesday, I FINALLY got the 10 Plasma Storm booster packs I ordered. I had ordered them about 2 weeks ago but they forgot them in the original package they shipped, so I had to contact them to ship the boosters.

ANYWAY! I'm looking for trades! :D I'm willing to trade these for other Plasma Storm cards or for cards I'm missing from other sets.

Pile of empty wrappers. lol.

Card Stacks
Piles of cards. The first pile is the ones I collect and the second is ones I don't.

Online Codes
16 Online Codes. Anyone wanna buy or trade for them? oO' I also have a bunch of others from older sets.

Available Plasma Storm Cards

1/135 Turtwig
4/135 Combee x3
5/135 Vespiquen RH
6/135 Cherubi x3 - one might be sold
6/135 Cherubi RH
7/135 Cherrim - might be sold
8/135 Sewaddle - might be sold
13/135 Amoonguss
15/135 Chimchar
21/135 Litwick
24/135 Squirtle
26/135 Swinub x2
26/135 Swinub RH
29/135 Lotad x2 - one might be sold
30/135 Lombre x4 - one might be sold
31/135 Ludicolo - might be sold
35/135 Vanillite x3 - one might be sold
38/135 Frillish
40/135 Cubchoo x2
42/135 Magnemite x2
43/135 Magnemite x3
44/135 Magneton x2
45/135 Magneton
46/135 Magnezone - on hold
47/135 Magnezone - on hold
49/135 Rotom
50/135 Joltik x2
51/135 Galvantula - might be sold
52/135 Zubat x2 - one might be sold
59/135 Ralts x3
60/135 Kirlia
64/135 Trubbish - might be sold
65/135 Trubbish x3 - one might be sold
65/135 Trubbish RH
66/135 Garbodor
68/135 Elgyem x2
68/135 Elgyem RH
69/135 Elgyem
69/135 Elgyem RH
71/135 Phanpy
74/135 Solrock
75/135 Riolu x2
76/135 Riolu
79/135 Timburr x3
80/135 Gurdurr
80/135 Gurdurr RH
83/135 Purrloin - might be sold
85/135 Scraggy
88/135 Klink
91/135 Durant x2
92/135 Durant
97/135 Clefairy x3
99/135 Doduo
101/135 Snorlax
106/135 Loudred
107/135 Exploud
109/135 Skitty - might be sold
111/135 Patrat x3
112/135 Watchog
115/135 Rufflet x2 - one might be sold
116/135 Braviary - might be sold
118/135 Colress
119/135 Colress Machine
120/135 Escape Rope 0 on hold
121/135 Ether
122/135 Eviolite x2
123/135 Hypnotoxic Laser - debating on keeping
126/135 Virbank City Gym
127/135 Plasma Energy
129/135 Dowsing Machine - debating on keeping - on hold

The only FA I pulled was Colress which isn't one of my top wants. I'm debating on keeping it but might trade for another FA I want more.


2/135 Grotle
3/135 Torterra
12/135 Foongus
14/135 Moltres EX
16/135 Monferno
18/135 Victini EX
25/135 Articuno EX
34/135 Manaphy
36/135 Vanillish
37/135 Vanilluxe
39/135 Jellicent
41/135 Beartic
48/135 Zapdos EX
54/135 Golbat
55/135 Crobat
78/135 Lucario
82/135 Purrloin
84/135 Liepard - this might be a typo because I think I remember getting one oO"
86/135 Scrafty
87/135 Skarmory
93/135 Cobalion EX
94/135 Druddigon
104/135 Togekiss
108/135 Lugia EX
114/135 Bouffalant
131/135 Victini EX
132/135 Articuno EX
133/135 Cobalion EX
134/135 Colbalion EX
134/135 Lugia EX
136/135 Charizard
137/135 Blastoise
138/135 Random Receiver

Plasma Storm RH Wants
1/135 Turtwig
1/135 Grotle
3/135 Torterra
9/135 Swadloon
10/135 Leavanny
12/135 Foongus
15/135 Chimchar
16/135 Monferno
19/135 Pansear
20/135 Simisear
21/135 Litwick
22/135 Lampent
23/135 Heatmor
34/135 Manaphy
35/135 Vanillite
36/135 Vanillish
37/135 Vanilluxe
38/135 Frillish
39/135 Jellicent
40/135 Cubchoo
50/135 Joltik
51/135 Galvantula
52/135 Zubat
53/135 Zubat
54/135 Golbat
55/135 Crobat
56/135 Koffing - maybe
57/135 Koffing - maybe
71/135 Phanpy
72/135 Donphan
73/135 Lunatone
74/135 Solrock
75/135 Riolu
76/135 Riolu
77/135 Lucario
78/135 Lucario
83/135 Purrloin
84/135 Liepard
85/135 Scraggy
86/135 Scrafty
87/135 Skarmory
89/135 Klang
90/135 Klinklang
94/135 Druddigon
101/135 Snorlax
102/135 Togepi
103/135 Togetic
104/135 Togekiss
109/135 Skitty
110/135 Patrat
111/135 Patrat
112/135 Watchog
113/135 Watchog
114/135 Bouffalant
115/135 Rufflet
116/135 Braviary
117/135 Bicycle
118/135 Colress - maybe
119/135 Colress Machine - maybe
123/135 Hypnotoxic Laser - maybe
124/135 Plasma Frigate
125/135 Team Plasma Grunt
126/135 Virbank City Gym
128/135 Dowsing Machine - I don’t think this has an RH? oO”
130/135 Victory Piece - I don’t think this has an RH? oO”

I'm also looking for non-Plasma Storm cards.

One, kind of an odd want, I'm looking for a Japanese Thunder Knuckle 014/051 Vanilluxe (I also need a Spiral Force 041/051 Raticate but I think someone has one on hold for me). Another random want, I'm looking for the Vending Sheet Rattata card - Link And probably other Vending sheet cards too.

Because of some trades and purchases, my collections of Houndour, Growlithe, Meowth, and Vulpix line and Eevee cards are almost complete. ^^ Well, maybe not Ninetales and Arcanine as much as the others. ^^;

I would prefer to trade for these but might consider purchasing.

I need all these cards in English Reverse Holo. I might be getting a few of the Houndour cards in a trade but I need to verify which ones.

For the first and third Houndoom cards, does anyone know if there's a reverse holo version for the holo card and the rare card? I know they would look exactly the same but the card number would be different.

Does anyone know if there is a difference between the booster pack version of the Dragons Exalted Houndoom and the Hydreigon deck? (Ie - is there a special set symbol or something?) I believe I have all the league/promo stamped Hound cards, but if you have any, please feel free to link me to check.

I'll also consider purchasing any non-TCG flats (actually any merchandise flat or not) of Houndoom and Houndour).

These two I need in Japanese (since that's the only language they were released in.)

Need these in English Reverse Holo...along with a Legendary RH Growlithe.

Decided 15 Arcanine cards was too many to list here. lol.

Need this card in Japanese since that's the only way it was released.

Need these in English Reverse Holo.

Need these in Japanese since that's the only language they were released.

Need these in English Reverse Holo...along with a Legendary Collection Reverse Holo Vulpix.

Decided 15 Ninetales were too much to list here. lol.

I need these in English Reverse Holo...along with a Reverse Holo Legendary Collection Eevee.

Also need other Eeveelution cards, but WAY too many to list here.

Also need a few Shaymin cards in Reverse Holo but the two above I don't have in English at all.

As always, I'm also looking for any non-English (especially non-Japanese) cards of these lines. I'm especially on the lookout for French and Italian versions of Houndour and Houndoom from Dragons Exalted. I'd also consider deck or reprint versions of any of the Pokemon lines above (ie - World Championship deck cards)

I'm still looking for Base, Jungle, and Fossil cards in all languages.

Base - Link

Jungle - Link

Fossil - Link

I also love Lamincards in all languages! :D

AND! Last but not least -

I'm looking for Ultimate Stickers! I'm looking for a bunch but off the top of my head the most important ones are: Vulpix, Umbreon, Cubone, Persian, Haunter, Plusle, and Entei.

I have A TON I can trade (or also sell). Most of the ones here - http://pkmncollectors.livejournal.com/14224883.html are still available (most of the Shiny Collection cards too. I still need a Meloetta EX FA from that set, btw). BUT! I also bought 200 more stickers over the weekend that haven't been photographed.

Thanks for reading!

~ Risha

And...this journal took about two hours to write so I'm going to step away from the computer for awhile so please don't be offended if I don't reply right away. ^^;
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