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First Sales Post :D

Hey everyone! So I have a TON of things to sell, but I need to start out small so it's just TCG cards at the moment. I'll be updating over the course of the next few weeks. I'd also like to mention I'm still looking for snover line items if anyone has them <3 Anyway, onto the post.
General Information/Rules:
*I ship from Pennsylvania, US.
*I was granted sales permission by entirelycliched on 1/9/13.
*Community feedback is here:
*The first to commit to buy gets the item.
*I only trade for snover items that I do not have.
*I have a ton of pets(both cats and dogs), but the home is smoke-free.

*I ship internationally.
*Payment due within 72 hours.
*I only accept Paypal for payment.
*Postage will be in a small bubble wrap package for international, but US customers may request an envelope for flat/small purchases.
*Minimum purchase must be $2.
*I'm a slow shipper, so keep that in mind when you're buying from me.
*Payment must be sent to
*Shipping starts at $2 in the US or $2.50 for international. Tracking etc costs extra.

Note: Most of these cards are Holos or Reverse Holos, so if you are unsure feel free to ask me! I have a few worn cards, but I will mention that in the description.

Mew EX - $11
3x Groudon EX - $8 each
Tin Promo Mewtwo EX - $5
FA Tornadus - $4
FA Thundurus - $4
Espeon Prime - $3
Dark Explorers Volcarona Promo - $3

Secret Rare Shiny Archeops - $7
Mew Prime - $3
Promo Zoroark, Promo FA Landorus, RH Jolteon, Kyurem EX, Dark Jolteon, Dark Flareon, Flareon - $2 each
White Kyurem EX - $4
RH Marill & Houndoom - $2 each
Eeveelutions (2x Espeon) - $1 each
Holo Pachirisu, Holo Cynthia's Milotic, 2x Holo Vaporeon - $1.50 each
RH Arcanine - $1.25
RH Charmander, Holo Latios, Holo Mismagius X, Arcanine, Holo Terrakion - $1

$1.25 each.

2x RH Eevee, RH Umbreon - $2 each
RH Gardevoir, RH Xatu, 2x Umbreon - $1.50 each
Holo Zoroark, Gardevoir - $1

Pokemon in above picture - 25 cents each
Battle City Promo - 15 cents

15 cents each (Rhyperior is played with, has a few creases here and there.)
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