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Back from Kami-Con, and first auctions post! Also some swing charm trades!

Whelp,m just got back from kami-con late on the 17th, but I spent all of today sleeping in and whatnot so I've failed to make a post showing what I got from the con. Note, the pic with everything I got there is kinda small

First up is the pic of everything I bought at Kami-Con!


This pic includes... 83 Battrio Coins, 19 pokemon kids without boxes, Samurott and White&Black Kyurem kids MIB, 13 Tomy Figures, Pokéball Coin Bank with a Golden Arceus cell charm thing, two 60 card decks, and 6 pokemon swing charms (Thankfully ONE of them was new XD. Slooooowbroooooo).

So now I'm at 60/278 swing charms in total, with a buuuunch of doubles I'm gonna be trading for other ones I don't have, and those will be at the very bottom of this post

And before my sales/auctions/trades stuff, I wanna give a big thank you to everyone in the community I've bought from/traded with. Without you guys I would barely have a fraction of my collection that I currently own

Sales permission granted by entirelycliched on February 11 2013, 05:33:48 UTC

My feedback link is here:

All items are shipped from Woodstock GA, 30189.

All items are kept out of the way of animals and in a smoke free home. But note: There 'is' a chance a stray dog or cat hair/fur might get in the package, so if you are allergic please let me know. I will be sure

All items will be shipped out first class through USPS. Once items are mailed out, I am not to be held responcible for what happens. (I will make sure it's as damage proof as possible before shipping out)

All items will be shipped out USPS On Mondays and Thursdays. This gives me time be sure said items are safly packaged up.

PLEASE give me up to 10 days to mail out items, as it normally takes 3-6 days to get money from my paypal to my bank account, not including weekends

Shipping within the US starts at $2.20 and outside the US starts at $6.75

Payment must be made within 24 hours. If not, then the items will go to the next person who showed interest.

Paypal is the only payment form accepted, unless we have made prior arrangements (Trades/ect.)

All these end at 7pm On the 25th my time (UTC -5)

Note: Will provide more pics if requested. Just ask for them on the first comment!



Weedle/Kakuna/Beedrill lot - Starts at $2


Poliwag/Poliwhirl/Poliwrath lot - Starts at $2

Elekid/Electabuzz/Electrvire lot - Starts at $4
Second pic to show that Pkmn Movie 2000 card lights up still


Onix/Steelix lot - Starts at $1


Rotom and formes lot - Starts at $2


Munchlax lot - Starts at $2


Magby/Magmar/Magmortor lot - Starts at $2


Ponyta/Rapidash lot - Starts at $2


Tangela lot - Starts at $2


Happiny/Chansey/Blissey lot - starts at $4


Eeveelutions lot - Starts at $5


Gligar lot - Starts at $1


Pidgey and evos lot - Starts at $2


Ditto and Clefairy Ditto kids - Starts at $6


2006 Battrio book (In japanese - Starts at $12


And none of the items in this are up for auction. Just for trades for other swing charms


On Hold: Zapdos x1, Dewgong x1

Please do not bid until this is crossed out HAPPY BIDDING!
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