spideyroxas (spideyroxas) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Secret Valentines gift <3 & Kyun Chara Pikachus!

My Secret Valentines gift arrived a while back, but i haven't had time to update about it ;4; My Laptop has died and i'm using my partners laptop... which i don't work well with so i'm avoiding using it at all costs XD but this can't wait any longer!

My Secret Valentine was - aurora669 Thanks so much for it ^__^ I adore it so much <3 I love this exchange, it's great to be involved in it for another year! I still remember who i was buying for last year and who got my gift! This year will be no different!

So here's a teaser:

See what it is here!!Collapse )
UPDATE: For those of you who participated in the 'Bored of Kyun-Chara GA' We Won! for a decent price too.. we're waiting now for the invoices from TreasureJapan before we can get totals however.. But we have won regardless & will have some Discounts!

Also i'm looking for some custom plush makers to speak to about ideas i have for some future custom plush i want to commission... I need someone open to ideas and payment plans however XD
Tags: pikachu
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