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secret valentines exchange

So something awesome came in the mail earlier this week. :D

I opened the package to a letter with my name on it and super cute tissue paper concealing the rest of the surprise..

In the letter, my secret valentine assumed that I already had a Slowpoke pokedoll, and that I would appreciate a second, HOWEVER..
I originally had my friend pick up a few for me but they haven't actually been shipped yet, so this little guy is officially the first one that I've owned. ^_^

After opening the box, and clearing away the first layers of wrapping, I uncovered many hearts, sweets, and some delightful surprises!

The package came beautifully decorated with red and heart filled tissue paper, a pink fuzzy heart plush, a Slowpoke pokedoll, and a fun filled bag of sweets :D
I am a huge fan of the laffy taffy and cute bracelets - thank you SO much elisha1288 for making this package such a great surprise for me, and to the mods (dewott, godudette, and allinia) for making this entire exchange a success. <3

Also bonus picture! With the gorgeous Slowbro pokedolls that Charlotte made. ;___;

My collection all of a sudden feels more complete - the sizes of these guys relative to one another is also perfect!

I don't really have too much hope that they'll release Slowbro pokedolls since there isn't even an official design of it, so I'm very glad I requested these guys to be made. I was itching so badly for a custom Slowpoke pokedoll, until luck came my way and the official was released! I must say I am truly lucky for all of these things to just be happening the way they did. Also the tails promo! There will be a lot to show once that arrives. ^_^

Next up are some small gets! Another gift that came on the same day as my secret valentine's gift~

I also received a package from a friend in Japan which was supposed to get here about a month ago, but everything shipped around Christmas time seems to have been held by customs for quite a while. I was surprised more than anything to see the package show up, because I thought it may have been lost. What a relief, though! ;_;

He wrote me a letter on gorgeous La Maison d'Eievui themed paper (with matching envelope!), and surprised me with some of the things he knew I would love (the sprite charms are of my MVPs from VGC 2011).

The Eevee pouch is way bigger than I thought it was (I originally read that it was intended for children?) and figured it was going to be about the size of a wallet, but it's actually a decent size and would hold more than just your cards, phone, and keys. It's way too nice to be carried around and handled every day (read: dirtied and probably ruined eventually), so maybe I'll make it into my travel pouch!

Also obligatory Slowpoke pokedoll - that's right, I got two in a day ! !

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