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Re-intro and Collection Update!

Hey guys! Figured I’d do a little re-intro since my activity here is sporadic (I’m a bit of a lurker, haha) and since I’ve gotten some pretty cool stuff as of late! Included are plush, zukan, kids, and pretty much what I find the coolest thing ever from my friend who went to Japan!

Follow Sir Snivy for pics!
 photo DSC00569_zps477e73c8.jpg

To give some background, I just got back to Canada after spending the past five months in Israel (far from my collection, le sob). I briefly visited home in December, but found out via Facebook that during the exact time I’d be in Canada, a friend of mine would be in Japan. Though we’re not very close, I said it was a shame we’d miss each other, and I suggested we get each other something from our respective foreign country. I got him a bunch of random/weird Israeli junk food, and when he asked what I wanted I of course said “Pokemon!” (and added that plush were awesome and hey I think there is an Eeveelution promotion going on now). Unfortunately, I had to wait until I returned home for good before getting his gift, and he wanted to keep it a surprise. I was dying to see it!

So when I finally got his gift, I pretty much squealed non-stop.
Etienne from Japan photo fromEtienne_zps41d4bf06.jpg
So my friends all know quite well that I love baking and dessert decorating, and I especially love fun molds! I had actually seen another member post this mold in their collection awhile back and I gaped at it, but knew I’d never get one. But lo and behold! I can't wait to use this! (Also secret-time: I don’t really like Pikachu. But Pikachu is a Pokemon and Pokemon are awesome and edible Pokemon are pretty much the best thing ever, so this is pretty close to the best thing ever.)
Another secret: I’m not a huge Eeveelution fan. I like a few of them, but I don’t collect them. That said, my first cosplay was Umbreon, so I give the impression that I love Umbreon. And admittedly I’ve been ogling everyone’s Eeveelution promotion merch and have wanted a little something from the promo of my own, so this is pretty cool! I will probably never take it out of the package. :x
(Not pictured is also the cute green PokeCen bag they came in, now added to my small collection of unique bags, hehe.)

Now all my Pokemon Christmas gets together!
Christmas 2012 gets photo Christmas2012gets_zpsfa543093.jpg
Anyone see a theme here? XD
The other Pikachu is also from Japan – my friends travelled around Asia over the summer and got it for me from the Pokemon Center. Again, not a Pika-fan, but I appreciate the thought. Does anyone know what it is?
Sir Snivy, (who needs a better name) was a Christmas gift from one of my guy friends. simply put, he is awesome.
Umbreon Jakks! Whoa! A close friend was exploring a closing Zellers while I was away and bought this for me! Also staying NIP, haha. (I then sent my boyfriend to said Zellers to buy every remaining Jakks figure from that line. Those will be on sale here soon!)

So it turns out…I accidentally a collection?
Umbreon collection photo Umbreon_zps4497a723.jpg
A NIP Umbreon collection! Who’d have thunk it? The Umbreon Time phone strap is from a comm member I met up with irl! This is pretty much my only Eeveelution merch, which is funny since I’m not even sure if Umbreon is my favourite Eeveelution. XD

Now for some other stuff!
Kids photo kids_zps165c8bbb.jpg
I don’t actively collect kids, but I always have a few in my room at any given time. Electabuzz (and a few others I’ve since sold) was on my birthday cake one year when I was younger, Houndour and Manectric were a birthday gift from my internet friend in Australia, and Charizard I found secondhand at a sci-fi/anime convention in Israel!

London gets photo DSC09655.jpg
I went on a one-week trip to London with a friend of mine, and after seeing Les Miserables on Broadway we found a Tokyo Pop store, and what did they have there but 10th anniversary zukan! I almost died omg. One of the cashiers was nice enough to help me get Mewtwo and the Latis! We even went back another night so I could get Mew (and I now have an extra Darkrai I’ll be putting up for sale).
My only regret is that it uses Ash as a comparison, but I want to compare them to my height, and Ash is so short! (That and I’m not an Ash fan, haha.)

Zukan photo zukan_zpseda91094.jpg
My normal zukan collection! Hell to the yeah! I love zukan – they’re probably my favourite merch. That said, I tend to like single Pokemon rather than entire lines, so I don’t generally seek full sets. Ampharos, Gallade and Gothitelle (and Hydreigon) are there in full because I very fortunately found them being sold at conventions I’ve attended, and no way was I gonna not buy zukan! Poor Charizard’s toenails are broken and one Scyther needs a peg, but otherwise I’m pretty happy with them!
I’m also looking for an Electrike piece.

Shelf photo DSC01007_zps9a30ec6c.jpg
My shelf o’ green, where my favourite figures reside! I went from not really displaying my collection, to only displaying zukan and a couple others, but now I’ve made room on that shelf and am no longer ashamed to display my nerdiness, so it currently houses a good chunk of my collection (and some other green stuff).

Plushies photo Allplushes_zpsb7cfbd8d.jpg
Last but not least, it's plush time! I looooove plush – you get to hug and squeeze and pet them! Organized by generation, these are all my plush (except my Gligar Mascot plush, oops)! Lance is a wonderful custom by a friend, and Mew is a probable bootie from eBay (but she’s so soft I don’t care). Also need to do a bit of weeding here – I'll be tempted to get more Mewtwo plushies once the new movie comes out, and they were hard to all pose together for a photo as is!

Thanks for looking, and I will try to put the things mentioned here and others up for sale! Have a happy weekend!

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