Psychic MoonShadow (psychmoonshadow) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Psychic MoonShadow

Re-intro and Collection Update!

Hey guys! Figured I’d do a little re-intro since my activity here is sporadic (I’m a bit of a lurker, haha) and since I’ve gotten some pretty cool stuff as of late! Included are plush, zukan, kids, and pretty much what I find the coolest thing ever from my friend who went to Japan!

Follow Sir Snivy for pics!
 photo DSC00569_zps477e73c8.jpg
Ho hum, let"s take a look, shall we?Collapse )

Thanks for looking, and I will try to put the things mentioned here and others up for sale! Have a happy weekend!

Tags: jakks, kids, pikachu, plush, snivy, umbreon, zukan
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