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Pokedoll speculation?

So I've been doing quite a bit of research on when certain pokedolls were released and it seems to be determined by the three following things:

  1. Game releases/ Anime

  2. Random promotions/ Re-releases

  3. Pokemon movies

I wanted to focus on the Pokedolls being released with movies in this post since it seems like there is a pretty interesting trend that I haven't noticed because it's hard to isolate which Pokedolls are being released for what. Some of the dates might be off in my list so I could be wrong in some parts.

Jirachi Movie 2003 - Jirachi, Salamence, Absol (japanese version)

Deoxys Movie 2004 - Attack/Defense/Normal Forme Deoxys, Rayquaza, Metagross, Munchlax

Lucario movie 2005 - Lucario, Mime Jr, Weavile, Mew(?)

Manaphy movie 2006 - Manaphy, Chatot, Buizel, Mantyke

Darkrai movie 2007 - Darkrai, Lickilicky

Giratina movie 2008 - Giratina, Shay/skymin

Arceus movie 2009 - Arceus, Heatran, spiky eared Pichu

Zorua/Zoruark movie 2010 - Zorua/Zoruark, shiny dogs (lottery), legendary dogs (illusions)

Victini/Zekrom/Reshiram movie 2011 - Victini, Zekrom, Reshiram

Keldeo movie 2012 - Keldeo, Cobalion, Terrakion, Virizion, Kyurem

So the general trend I'm noticing here is that the legendaries are all pretty much guaranteed a pokedoll which means that I'm almost certain that there will be a Genesect pokedoll and (maybe?) a Mewtwo pokedoll. Also, judging by the shiny dogs lottery, I'm going to go ahead and guess that there might be another promotional lottery for a shiny Genesect pokedoll... maybe? Finally, the most interesting thing I noticed is that there are usually pokedolls released for the pokemon owned or controlled by the human characters introduced in the movie.

Baron Alberto - Lickilicky
The Phantom - Chatot
Damos - Spiky-ear Pichu

Marcos - Heatran
Kidd Summers - Weavile
Queen Ilene - Mime Jr.
Marina Underwater Pokemon Show - Buizel
Butler - Salamence
Rebecca - Metagross

Judging by the current information about the movie and how one of the few non-legendary Pokemon that has been named so far is Sableye, maybe Sableye will fit under the category of "pokemon owned by a trainer in the movie who isn't part of the main anime cast" and there will be a pokedoll released of it.

Extra tidbit of information: the Pokemon who made their "debut" in the movie but didn't have actual trainers were Absol, Munchlax, and Mantyke:

What do you guys think? I would definitely be excited for a Mewtwo pokedoll and a chance to get a shiny Genesect pokedoll before they become crazy expensive like most shiny pokemon plush eventually become.

DISCLAIMER: This is all speculation

By the way, if i used your pictures and you would like it taken down, feel free to tell me to do so.

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