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sales sales sales

Hi there guys. I'm here to sell some stuff from my collection, as I've run into some financial issues recently. Everything's priced pretty cheaply, I believe. I'm kind of sad to see some of it go, but hopefully I can find some nice homes for this stuff. :)

Sales permission granted by entirecliched on 11 FEB 2013.

You can find my feedback here and here.

*All community rules apply to my sales posts
*I only accept Paypal at this moment.
*Send payments to zrgifford@gmail.com. Include your username and the item your buying within the subject or message body.
*I will hold items for 48 hours, but no longer. Please inform me if you are interested within that timeframe.
*I will provide even more detailed descriptions of items on request.
*I will ship worldwide, and I ship from Canada. Please be aware of this.

So, I love these guys dearly, but I have run into financial issues lately. I'm looking for $25 for them, but I'd be willing to go down a little if necessary. I reserve the right to reject offers under that, though.

This little cutie deserves a better home, as he's being under-appreciated in mine. I'm looking for $32 for him. He has his hangtang, but it's detached. He is in mint condition, with no irregularities or damage.

This game has all of its books and works fine. I'm looking for $25 for it.

I'm only willing to sell these as a set. They have never been opened. $13 for them.

Row 1: Electrivire - $0.50, Arceus Lv. X - $3.00, Magneone - $2.00
Row 2: Gengar Prime - $2.00, Ampharos Prime - $2.00, Palkia G Lv.X - $3.00
Row 3: Dialga Lv.X - $3.00, Heatran Lv.X - $2.50, Alph Lithograph - $1.50

Row 1: Serperior - $1.00, Emboar - $3.00, Zekrom x2 - $1.00
Row 2: Reuiniclus - $1.00, Gothitelle - $1.00, Beartic - $1.00
Row 3: Virizion - 1.00, Terrakion - $1.00, Cobalion - $1.00

Row 1: Hydreigon - $1.00 (small bubbles on the card), Victini - $2.00, Eelektross -$1.00
Row 2: Moltres - $1.00, Thundurus - $1.00, Zoroark - $1.00
Row 3: Braviary - $1.00, Tornadus - $1.00, Pokemon Catcher - $12.00

All are $1, except Rotom which is $2

All are $1

Row 1: Pikachu - $1.00, Pichu (edgeware) - $1.00, Cleffa - $1.00
Row 2: Magnezone - $.50, Beautifly - $1.00, Lucario - $1.00

Tags: oshawott, sales, slowbro, slowking, slowpoke
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