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(LOST) Canvas and Pokedoll GA. (LOST)

EDIT: We lost. The lot was BIN'd. I'm really sorry guys and I all hope you get the plush you were after soon!

Hello community today Torrid_Phoenix and I bring you another GA which includes a few rare and pokedolls including a phanphy & DX Rayquaza!

Preview (More pictures and rules under the cut!)

 photo b96832ed-c283-42ad-8c64-ed89dd37097e_zps66b1b88f.jpg

Rules and info:

1. I will be doing threads and the spreadsheet and Torrid_Phoenix will be bidding and shipping.

2. Torrid_Phoenix was granted sales permission by entirely cliched on 06/02/2012

•She ships from Douglasville, GA, ZIP 30135
•She ships using USPS
•Her feedback is here:

3. Payment will be due within 48 hours of auction close.

4. The auction ends on March 23rd at 11:59:59 EST.

5. No deleting bids. Negative feedback will be left.

6. There will be two payments. 1 for the items and another for Torrid_Phoenix to ship to you.

7. No sniping, any bid placed in the last 5 minutes extend the auction by another 5 minutes.

8. Paypal is the only payment method allowed in the auction.

9. This lot has free shipping but please be aware of paypal fees when bidding and never expect a discount when bidding.

10. These items are marked as used and we take no responsibility for the condition the item is in.

11. I will be claiming Pichu for $50. Torrid_Phoenix will be claiming nothing.

12. Please ask any questions in the question thread only!

Countdown Timer:

Onto the pictures!

Picture 1.
 photo GApicture1_zpsa29753b1.jpg

Picture 2.
 photo GApicture3_zpscfa7e25a.jpg

Picture 3.
 photo GAPICTURE2_zps334aaa0d.jpg

Picture 4.
 photo GApicture4_zpscdce4291.jpg

Picture 5.
 photo GApicture5_zpsd3aafe7a.jpg

Please do not bid until all threads are up! Bid away!

EDIT: We lost. The lot was BIN'd. I'm really sorry guys and I all hope you get the plush you were after soon!
Tags: chikorita, cresselia, group auction, happiny, palkia, phanpy, rayquaza, togekiss
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