Evie (firevie) wrote in pkmncollectors,

first sales

Tags: blastoise, bulbasaur, caterpie, charizard, charmander, chimchar, clefairy, darkrai, dialga, dragonite, dratini, electivire, empoleon, farfetch'd, floatzel, giratina, infernape, jirachi, kricketune, lucario, manaphy, meowth, mew, mewtwo, mr. mime, munchlax, palkia, pichu, pikachu, piplup, poliwhirl, poochyena, rayquaza, regigigas, reshiram, riolu, sales, shaymin, skitty, squirtle, torterra, treecko, turtwig, venusaur, wailmer, zekrom
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