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High Want Get + Small Collection Update!

Hola Community :3
Recently. I got a really high want! (Lower than a mini-grail, but still awesome!)
So to start off the post, Milo will be opening a package!

Milo: Package! I wonder whats inside :D
Me: Lets open it and find out.

Milo: Paper! Om nom nom nom!

???: Aaah! Who are you?
Milo: Whoah, you're so...

Milo: Pink!
Coral: Hehe. My name's Coral!
Milo: I'm Milo! Welcome to the collection :D

And here is a group photo of all my Pokedolls.
Surprisingly they're all water types O_O

Annnnd, a picture of Coral with a Corsola Pokedoll Sculpture I made!

Huge thanks to aurora669 for trading with me!

Collection Update

Not a whole lot has been added to my collections, but I thought I'd share with you guys either way o3o

My pride and joy of my collection!
These two have just been so fun to collect, because I really have no clue whats out there as far as merchandise!

I got mah teepees, floating ice heads, fancy puffer fish, some star fish, and pink coral on my second shelf.
I seriously dream of one day collecting water types, like how Gin does Electric Types!
Maybe I'll start of small by collection water types of the Hoenn Dex? I dunno.

My third shelf just consists of random plushies that have caught my interest, and a few other times.
(Remoraid Setti in da back o3o!)

Last, my class cabinets. These two are happily hung over my messy desk!
The one on the left is like my 3rd shelf, just random figures that I've bought for no particular reason!
The one on the right has my current fish collection!
Not a whole not in there right now, since they are a side collection, but I do tend to buy some items if I have some extra $!

Thanks for reading, and have a great morning/day/evening/night!
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