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The Return of Psychic's Sales!

~Psychic's Poké-Sales~

All purchases can be combined with anything from my non-Pokémon sales!

The Rules

→ Sales permission grandfathered in
→ New feedback is here
→ I accept Paypal, and will consider trades for items on my Wants List.
→ Prices are negotiable on very large purchases
→ All items are from a smoke-free and pet-free home
→ Some Tomys and flats are loved (most cases will be specified, but feel free to ask)
→ Shipping is from Canada to anywhere. Shipping is unfortunately expensive, but all items will arrive within two weeks.
→ Please include your country/zip code when asking for a quote. Standard packages to the US start at around $8 USD.
→ Asking for a quote is not a commitment, however if you decide you are not interested, please let me know.

As a thanks for your business and to make up for shipping costs, I add a coloured pencil drawing of one or two Pokémon FREE with any purchase. Examples can be found on my DeviantArt. I also take commissions.


Tomy figures, some have minor paint rubs or scuffs.
Mewtwo, Articuno, Zapdos, Charizard - $4
Thunderbolting/constipated Pikachu x2, Jolteon (fairly scuffed) - $3
The rest - $2.50 each
SOLD: Vileplume, Weezing, Exeggcute

Ratatta Tomy (fairly scuffed) - $2
Abra, Electabuzz - $3
Sugimori artwork Ivysaur Tomy - $7 SOLD

Bulbasaur Tomy set including diorama - $15

Tomy booties - $1 each or free with any purchase of over $8 before shipping
SOLD: Dragonite

Eevee poncho gashapon - $10 each (or available to trade for Veporeon or Glaceon)

Pikachu Cafe Re-Ment breakfast set - $8

Venusaur figure (has pose-able legs, and when you pull out one of his leaves and press down on his flower, his petals spin and the leaf snaps back into place - video) - $12
Eevee Christmas ornament? - $17

Poseable Ash figure with removable backpack and Pikachu (Pikachu's forehead is damaged) - $10

Poseable Misty figure with removable backpack and Horsea - $12

3D Pikachu puzzle NIP - $8

Red Genesext zukan NIP - $8

RARE Red Genesect zukan from Pokemon Fan Magazine NIP - $12

Phone straps - most are still new in capsule, let me know if you want them shipped in the capsule or not (will affect shipping costs)
Manaphy with Pokeball - $5
Riolu, Pikachu x2, Turtwig - $4
Lugia x1, Celebi x2 - $6 (image)
Deoxys x3 - $5 (image)
Lickylicky x2 - $3
Axew with Ultraball - $5
SOLD: Rayquaza, Palkia

Fennekin phone strap - $4

Small (bootleg?) keychains - $1 each
SOLD: Dragonite

Battle Museum Figures NIP - $4 each
All figures (except Mareep) are sealed NIP, and come with the insert shown at the top and the stickers for their base. May be able to ship in letter envelopes.
SOLD: Butterfree, Mareep, Wooper, Steelix, Scizor

Electabuzz and Aerodactyl kids - $3 each
Charizard kid - $4
Chikorita European candy figure - $4

Mewtwo candy figures x2 - $3
Misdreavus Jakks - $5
Chimchar TFG - $4 (doesn't spin properly)

BW McDonalds toys - $2 each

Fast food toys
Darkrai and Palkia card boxes - $2 each
Manaphy card box WITH reverse holo Manaphy - $3 (they actually came together, VERY lucky pull)
Reverse holo Happiny/Monferno, French holo Audino - $1 each
NIP Pikachu card stand with card - $3
Dugtrio GameBoy toy - $1.50 (the image changes if you push the control pad, won’t work without a cartridge)
Dugtrio “battery” pack - $1 ($2 for the Dugtrio GameBoy and battery together)
Dewgong "cartridge" - $1 (or get all three for $3)


Sneasel Jakks - SOLD
Meowth Jakks - $8
Sandile Jakks - $6
Gligar Banpresto mascot - $8
Large Hasbro Pikachu plush (loved, no hand tag, eye whites are painted on) - $5
Pikachu keychain from Tiger (with tush tag) when you squeeze its tummy it cries "Pikachu!" or uses Thundershock - $5
Unknown medium Pikachu plush (no tag) - $3
Purrloin Banpresto - $14
Blitzle MPC - $14

Old Hasbro plush (no hand tags) - $4 each

Munna reverse-to-Pokeball plush - $5

Ash and Pikachu pillow - $8


Umbreon keychain - $15

Flat Pikachu coin holder(?) from the Pokemon Center - $8

Pokemon with you Snivy pin NIP - $6

Card dispenser (holds about 60 cards) - $5

Pokemon 2000 promotional VHS Lugia coin - $4

Stickers and Topps

NIP (fuzzy?) Pikachu stickers (plastic is torn off on the upper right hand corner) - $1.25

Rotom forms sticker sheet - $1.25
Sealed Sinnoh Pokemon sticker sheet (x3, 2 sheets per package) - $2.50

Old-school stickers, some are missing Pokémon, imperfect condition
Poison - $.75
Grass - $1
Fire (x2) - $1
Water 1 - $1
Water 2 - $1
Normal 1 (x2) - $1
Normal 2 - $.75
Ghost/Poison/Psychic – $1.25 x2 (both missing Mewtwo, but one is replaced by a Spiderman sticker)
Rock/Ground/Water/Ice – $1.50 (x2)
Electric/Dragon/Fighting – $1.50 (x2) (the second one is missing Pikachu but seems rarer because Voltob/Electrode are in alternate poses)

First pic = front, second pic = back
"Catch Mew" card - $1 each
Pikachu/Raticate sticker sheet- $2.50 (sealed, comes with two sheets) or buy just one sheet instead for $1.50
Meowth/Charmander sticker sheet - $2.50 (sealed, comes with two sheets) or buy just one sheet instead for $1.50
SOLD: Ancient Mew, About Ancient Mew

Pokeball stickers - $1
Mantyke sticker - SOLD
Misdreavus sticker - $1
Shieldon sticker - $1
Water Pokemon sticker sheet - $2
Shiny Ash sticker - $2
Spearow sticker - SOLD

Dratini - $3
Dragonair - $3
Dragonite - $3 (or get all three for $8)
Growlithe - $2.50
Zapdos Burger King card - $1
Typholosion, Feraligatr and Haunter cardboard cutouts from old Kraft Dinner boxes - $.75 for all (will be more carefully cut before being sent)
Old Tomy figure list - $.50

Double-sided old Hasbro Pokemon list - $.50

Topps from the Pikachu shorts from Mewtwo Strikes Back/Pokémon 2000 - $2 each (or the five from the first movie for $9 or all six for $10)

Large Sinnoh poster (has creases) - $13 shipped anywhere

Greeting Cards

Each comes with its own envelope, so I can mail the card in that and shipping will be really cheap, or I can try mailing them in an even bigger envelope so you can use/keep the original envelope. This may affect shipping, so let me know!

Halloween card (inside and outside) x2 photo Halloweenboth.jpg
Halloween card featuring Ash and Pikachu on the front and little ghosts and bats on the inside! - $4

Valentine's Day card outside photo Valenfront-1.jpgValentine's Day card inside photo Valeninside.jpg
Valentine’s Day card featuring a really, really happy Pikachu - $4


Rare cards - $4 each
Kyurem EX, Yveltal EX: $7
Sold: Raikou, Walrein

Uncommon cards - $2 each, $2.50 for reserve holo Growlithe

NIP Toys R Us exclusives (in English and French) - $2.50 each

More cards coming soon! If you’re looking for any cards from gens 1-3, let me know and I’ll tell you what I’ve got!

Thanks for looking! :3

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