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Four Season Cutlery up for offers + quick sale!

Hiya! Putting a set of cutlery for offers n_n

Fork and spoon featuring Slowking, Marill, Pikachu, Cyndaquil, under Sakura (cherry blossom) tree.
These are made in Japan too!

General info:
- Sales permission granted by denkimouse on 8/4/11
- Price are in USD
- I ship from Hong Kong internationally. I sent packages via airmail by default and shipping takes 1- 3 weeks to US/UK but can take longer!
- I am not responsible for lost/ damaged packages, tracking (registered mail) costs just an additional $2 to anywhere! Tracking is mandatory for purchase over $50 (after shipping).
- I pack all items extremely carefully but if you have concerns about packing please let me know. If you want me to ship your items in a box pleased let me know, but shipping anything with a box here costs a lot more.
- All items are sold as is! Please inquire about conditions first if you have concern, especially if you are picky about packaging ^^;

Offer rules:
All offer will end when interest dies down or I received an offer (trades) I really like, or 24-48 hours with no new offers after one reminder.
Please reply to the highest bidder or else your bid doesn't count.
Note that your offer price does not include shipping/ fees. I am happy to give you a shipping quote for these if you want :D

Up for offers:
- One SET of fork AND spoon - the set will start at $20

- One fork on its own - starts at $8

Please note that while the cutlery are new, the packaging is not!

Foongus kids as size reference and it NFS

Close up, the art is the same.

Back of the packing.

Quick sale !

Price include airmail shipping and fees to anywhere! (+$2 for tracking, as usual)!

New release round headed Canpresto starters!
Torchic (Hang tag has a bent) - $12 SHIPPED ANYWHERE

Dex charms -
Cottonee line (bent on packing) - $12 SHIPPED ANYWHERE
Joltik line - $15 SHIPPED ANYWHERE

Yokohama exclusive screaming(?) Pikachu metal leaf coin - $8 SHIPPED ANYWHERE EACH

About the Nintendo 3ds game buy 1 get 1 free promotion. I have already bought PMD and get one free game, will I be able to get another free game if I purchase Luigi's Mansion too? Just wondering if anyone knows about this, don't really want to get disappointed when I found out you can only claim one free game ^^;

Answered, thanks!

Thanks all :D
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