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Massive Reorganizing~

So I meant to post this way earlier. Oops.

But anyway. Since I've had to take a break from buying Pokemon for the month which is just cruel with all those beautiful Rotoms, I'd decided it was a good time to focus on what I already have, and get it better displayed~!

So, first, the dreaded BEFORE pictures.

This room in my basement is an absolute disaster, but with the collection that already takes up my bedroom, there's nowhere else to keep things!

When I first got these three shots taken, I was almost too embarrassed to ever let them get uploaded. But. When I look back on it, I think I need to keep them as a reminder.

Inside that huge mess, my collection shelves have looked like this:

My Mimeys~!
Not absolutely terrible, but so many manga and so little space-- I couldn't expand the collection even if I did find new items!

Side Collections!
Again, using the bookshelf for books means there's little to no room for them, so that's still not even everything.

I don't think I've shown this shelf off nearly as much as my Mime Jr one, so let's take a look at where I was before everything's changed around.

My Cranidos and Carnivine collections~
Both are pretty small, but it doesn't help them any that both zukans and my Carnivine plush were never stored in the same room.

On the next shelf down...

Mawile and Zangoose~ With some Aipoms as well.
It's ridiculous how little space these have, especially when I have commissions among them ;~;
These two cuties are by herar, for the record~

Why are they so squished, though?

TFGs! Rotoms! Another Aipom! ;n;
But more importantly, I still blame all the books.

So, books had to be the first thing to change.

To prepare, I managed to get some DVDs moved; important ones to the nearby DVD rack, and lesser ones packed away in a box.
My TFGs and Rotoms are reunited~! So I can finally start to reach some books without knocking anything off the shelf.

Some books went up, some books went down, and a shelf's empty!

At first I wanted to fill that newly cleared space up with Kids figures, thanks to a mini grail being on its way.
But this was all more than two weeks ago!

To make it an accurate update, I've gone and retaken the rest of these photos just this morning. ;w;

Let's back up a bit, and take a sweep over the entire room once more.

So it's still kind of bad. But compared to before? Beautiful ; w ;

Time to check out all the Pokemon!

Up first, we've got my DS shelf. And on top?

Raichu! Pikachu! Rolly Bulbasaur! Even a monopoly Pikachu and bound ball Dragonite~
They're really not the highlight of anything, but I'm happy to still have such old pieces stick around with all my newer purchases.

Hanging from that same shelf...

Carnivine's finally moved downstairs! A bitty Aipom!
And an incredibly cute dishtowel with Mime Jr on it!
;w; I never expected to find it-- but in a recent wave of searching for things I never look at, it popped up and I just had to have it <3
It's a bit sad that Mimey's kind of "broken"-- all those white specks-- but I'm definitely not regretting the purchase at all.

So. Let's go look at the big Side Collection shelf again.

Azelfs~! These didn't really change much at all, thus the lack of a "before" picture.

Cranidos and Carnivine~! ;w; The zukan are finally up <3

Like Azelf, the Ralts line didn't change enough for two pictures, either. But they're there none the less~

On the next shelf down...

Zangoose and Mawile have much more space now~!
Suddenly it looks really lonely, instead.

On the other side?

Sawk! <3
... The shelf's crazy slippery, though, so I can't make anything stand up. :'D
SOME DAY I'll fix this.
Also Riolu~! I don't consider him a side collection yet, but sometimes it's too hard to resist. I have a Jakks plush and Canvas plush that might join the shelf in the future, too~

Let's go down one more~

My beautiful little Rotoms <3
They're pressuring me to buy all the new Pokedolls!
I want to say they won't fit, but it would be a lie if I said that wasn't why I cleared all the TFGs away...

Plus this little baby needs a replacement!

I do love Cut Rotom, but I'm about 90% sure this guy's a bootleg. :< Boo.

But now that we've gotten away from that shelf, let's see what else is around~

Like this plushie chair!
;w; S-so it's not all Pokemon, but the majority is~
Fuwafuwa Tabunne comes out as my top favourite in there, and the little RC Cubone's a close second >w<

A desk!
That little strawberry bag's where I'm taking all my new photos for my Collection Journal. The pattern was too cute to resist.
<3 The ketchup-stained Pikachu used to go everywhere with me as a kid. ... It's kind of obvious that I loved him a lot more than the pin-cushion one on the other side of the room. :'D

In another room in the basement...

My Kids collection!
;~; It's sad that they have to stay packed away like that, but I just don't have anywhere else that they'll all fit.

I do want to share my newest one, though:

With this little Purugly caught, my Sinnoh Pokedex is complete!
... Now to try finishing the others. orz

That's enough of the other Pokemon, though. My Mime Jrs got a massive reorganization of their own, too!

I can't even find any words to comment on these, so have pictures!

I CAN'T EVEN. ; W ; <333

They have so much roooom, and they still take it all up <3

=w= And now I've got another folder, a pokedoll charm, and three promo cards all on their way as well...
There's no end to how much I love every single piece of this collection. ; w ;

That was way too many pictures to not get terribly boring, so I'll do my upstairs collection some other time~

Thank you to anyone who took the time to read~ >w<
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