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Collection Update! Fire pups, appliances, obese whales!

Hey guys so I can't recall the last time I did a collection update.. (it seems all of mine are half assed any way), but this was collection back in December of last year.

WARNING: Image heavy!!

I have since weeded out the excessive Umbreon, Leafeons, and Eevees due to all the Eeveelution merch released and focus on Jolteon since it is my favourite. I also stopped collecting Pokedolls and Canvas but my collection was getting out of hand! My room is way to small even with my decreased collections. Now this is what I collect:



By "main" I mean I want as much merch related to these guys as possible (excluding flats). Side collections I pretty much just collect what I want/like. For Jolteon it's mostly plush (which is more or less complete) and all I really want for Mudkip is the DX Pokedoll.

On to current photos!

Tada! I took this photo at night. I just recently installed lights in my cabinets and they look AMAZING! Photo obviously doesn't do it justice, it's not really that glaringly bright. It's a soft, floodlight white LED and having all the lights off I love just staring at my collection!

Because I rearranged my room the window is now on the same side as all my shelves so they don't get much light. Thus I came to this solution and am loving it! I highly recommend it. I used portable LED lights. They take 3 AAA batteries EACH and have adhesive tape on the back that you just stick to the shelf roof! And then you push the light itself to turn it off/on. :) If you are interested, this is what I bought. It is incredibly inexpensive and very easy to set. Of course at their price they aren't anything fancy, but they get the job very well done! I wouldn't recommend sticking them to a wall though (unless you want it to be there permanently) because I made that mistake and immediately removed it only to remove some wall paint as well so be careful! If you install it on shelves like me, don't plan on taking them off.

Also, you get some Rare Candy if you can figure out what I have been watching!

Here's a better shot of the big shelf! I had to give each fire dog their own shelf because my Growlithes were exploding! Rotom had to be relocated to my old shelf unfortunately and I may need more space with the new promo...

As you can see my 'Lords and Jolts' exploded too! Jolteons are obvious why but I really decided to pursue the big Whale because I've always loved it but my concern was how expensive it was... but in the end it became a non-issue because that's why I was hesitant at first about collecting fire dogs and Jolteon, but you have to go for what you love! Not what's second best because of money 'cause in the end you're gunna be spending a decent amount on Pokemon merch anyways. At least that's the conclusion I came to.

Sorry for walls of text! More closeups!

First: fire pups!

I don't think there is much new with my Growlithes. The Pokebox Stamp is probably my newest item.

The Puracoro dice set, Banpresto figure, and handkerchief are my newest additions here!

As you can see the lights don't help with photos, but when do they ever? And now closeups of the Banpresto figure! Truly the best Arcanine figure ever made.


I pretty much only had the attack kid, pencil topper, and charm back in Dec last year. So everything else is new!

Footprint figure (missing base)
Old kid
New kid
DX kid
Water squirter

I'm currently going after the Pokemon Time Wailord cushion. I'm looking to trade for it for a value up to 100$ shipped. Not looking to buy. Also I love this paper mobile but it was annoying to make because you had to cut and tie the blue string yourself. Also I don't actually have a place to properly hang it!


My newest "new" addition is the Jolteon Canvas. Obviously just about everything else was more recently made.


New merch has obviously been pretty stale, which is why I just LOST IT when I saw the new promo! I was contemplating getting customs made for these other guys too! Patience has paid off!

My newest addition is probably the can badge in the top photo.

I am just curious.. Do I have the largest Rotom collection of the active members still on the community? I have seen photos of others' collection during the DP era but it seems they aren't active anymore. I know there are a couple of active Rotom collectors here, I'd love to see what you have! I rarely see Rotom as part of other comm members collections. I haven't taken the time to count how many non-flat items I have but my collection is quite large!

It's very hard for me to display flats with the limited space I have but most of them go in the TCG binders that I put in the back of my collections. :)

Where are my Mudkips? Well look below next to Appa's head in the basket and you'll see a 'Kip face! That's the only Mudkip thing I have with me at the moment and it's the 10th Anniversary pokedoll. I won the oversized pokedoll in a GA and the walky Mudkip plush and Mudkip charm set off YJ but they just haven't made it to me yet! After this all I want is the DX Pokedoll as I'd really like to keep my collection small.

I've always loved Mudkip (and got made fun of by my cousins for liking it when we played RSE roms together and my Mudkip learned Mud Slap and they said he was throwing poop -___-) and one of my friends stole my other friend's phone and changed all the contact names to Pokemon they thought were most like them. He actually was incredibly accurate XD and of course he changed my name to Mudkip (which it still is to this day!). Also Mudkip was my main character in Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Darkness and I know ship her hardcore with my partner who was Charmander. If you've ever beaten the game... you'll know why! Oh the feels!

Shot of where I sleep! I put doggy pan stickers on the wall. You can see my plush tube is dominated by Vees... I don't know where to put them! I also probably have enough Stunfisks for it to be considered a side collection. (I've got the floormat, slippers, cushion, pass case, and canvas)

Ironically enough I took this photo right after my collection photos! Funny how much window placement does for lighting. >__>

I also have a collection of clearfiles and a few other things here and there not shown.

If you have any questions let me know! Thanks for looking :) Happy collecting everyone!
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