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Is that a Wailord? GA (Lost)

Hi everyone, areica96 and I will be hosting this lovely GA. This is my very first time Co-hosting a GA so lets win it, K?
Sorry guys, we didn't raise enough. :(

-Your host is areica96- Sales permission granted on March 2nd, 2012 by entirelycliched

-Feedback here: http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/view/areica96/
-She ships from Rhode Island, USA. She will be doing the bidding and shipping.
-There will be two payments. Payment 1 will be the item(s) plus shipping from the seller to her. Payment 2 will be shipping from her to you.
-Auction will end at 8 PM EST.
-areica96 will be claiming the vaporeon pokedoll for $20
-All PKMNCollectors rules apply. Do not, under any circumstances, delete bids. If you have made a mistake, please ask a pokabubu to remove it. If anyone deletes bids, that will be an automatic negative.

Additional Photos:

Treecko (Hasbro) Turtwig plush, Wailord (Pokedoll)

Riolu (Jakks), Zorua (Jakks), Rayquaza (Pokedoll tail detached)

Tentecool (Jakks), Pichu (pokedoll), Latios (Pokedoll)

Mantyke, Butterfree, Oddish (all Jakss)

Manaohy (jakks), Palkia (pokedoll), Starly (jakks), Vaporeon (pokedoll- areica96 will be claiming for $20)


Sorry everyone, we lost :(
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