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A couple new custom gets :d

Hello, all. I'm dropping by here today with some quick gets! I haven't gotten very many official gets lately, but I have gotten some lovely customs. *u*

First off, here is an adorable pouch for my 3DS I recently got.

… It's designed after Aerodactyl. WHOA how cool! The case is very soft and cozy for my 3DS. A big thank-you to FleaCircusDesigns at Etsy for making it for me! If you're itching for a custom carrying pouch for your handheld, she's an excellent choice~

It even has the tail. I love the sharp, smooth look it has to it! I'm planning on getting some more pouches from her later, too… because customized pouches are <3.

And now I have a couple custom plush that arrived last week. Check them out:

Zigzagoon and Rampardos. :d Pretty oddball choices for me, no? But I've always wanted a plush of each fossil-mon… and Ziggy? Well, Ziggy is just too cute to resist heh. They were both made by the ever-awesome Orange-Shadows of deviantART. *v*

This Rampardos plush is made in a "floppy", laying style. He's a good size and very huggable. And, being the hard-headed Pokemon he is, his head is a little bit harder than the rest of his body. So fitting! Cranidos kid for size reference.

Fossil-mons for the win.

Here is Ziggy. Sadly, I haven't got any Zig/Linoone kids to make a matching size comparison, so have another Cranidos. Orange-Shadows did an amazing job plushifying this little raccoon! ;o; HE'S SO CUTE MAN.

Look at all those zigzags. And DAT BROOM TAIL. What more could I ask for? *u*

To finish the custom section of this post, here's a quick shot of all the fabulous plush I've gotten from Orange-Shadows. Guys if any of you want high-quality work for an affordable price… she's your girl. Definitely a joy to work with!

Lastly, I've got a couple shots collections I'd like to share. Just so this post isn't solely customs fufufu I'd do an update over my main Dactyl collection, but man I haven't gotten anything new for them for a LONG time. So have some of my other collections instead. xD

Metagross! <3 I need to clear out a spot on the shelf for these sometime… it's hard to display flats with this current setup.

That's it for now! My apologies for the short post. I'm so used to making long posts, this feels so odd, haha. xD I plan on posting some auctions up later this week (hint hint: lots of things from my previous gets post!), so keep an eye out. Hope you all are having a good day/night! :U
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