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Some wants~

Aaaeeeeyyyyyy~ How's it goin' pokemon collectin' bros? Enjoying your new merch from the madness of the 27th, ehhhh? Haha~! I know I will be soon~! One day... One day I WILL drag out my phone and I WILL snap some shots of my collection!... Buuuut enoughhhhh of thaaaaat~!
I've actually got a few bat related wants to share with ya'll today~! If any of ya had any of these, that'd be... Well, it'd be super awesome. xD

Alright, so first want~! We have...
A play by play zubat!! x3

(I got this image off of the Poke Plush Project.. It is obviously not mine. xD)
Ideally, I'd probably pay around $20-25 for one with a tag as the last one I saw on here sold for around 18 with a tag (I think it was with a tag..? Anyway! XD)
I'd actually one day want TWO of these guys. (One to snuggle and one to display... Yeah... XD) But I'd honestly just be happy to have one right now! ^^

Another want is a bitttt more hard to come by... And that'sssss...
The Golbat TOMY figure~!

(Again, not my image. I got it off of flickr. If its yours and you want me to take it down, I will! xD;; )

I've also wanted the Crobat TOMY figure as well! x3

Now while I have no idea what the worth of the Golbat TOMY is, I do have one rare TOMY in my collection and that's the Gastly TOMY. I would obviously be more than willing to trade (if the values match. If not, the one that's under-mining it would trade an additional thing maybe..? I unno, we'd obviously work something out! xD)
I have pictures of my gastly if anyone has a spare golbat. <3

But what the hey, why limit my wants just to these three guys right now? Heck, if any of you guys have any merch of the bats you're willing to sell (that not only includes the zubat line, but also the woobat and gligar line!), lemme have a gander at 'em! xD

So to make this post a little less boring, I have a little question for you guys! What are (or "is") the reasons you collect certain pokemon? Is it their color? Their type? Do they look like a certain animal you just adore?? Or perhaps you liked the way they sounded when you first saw them in the anime? :6

Thanks for reading my -slightly rambling- wants post. Have an awesome day and keep searchin' for those wants and thangs~! ^^
Tags: crobat, gastly, gligar, gliscor, golbat, swoobat, woobat, zubat
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