Ashley (elementparadise) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Sales update & some wants!

Hello everyone!

My sales have been updated with TCG from Base Set - Base Set 2 added and many more TCG on the way! If you have any particular cards you are looking for, even if they aren't put up yet let me know and I can see if I may have them.

Biggest Wants
- Lileep/Cradily Zukan
- Lileep & Cradily Kids (Original [Lileep only], Clear)
- Lileep & Cradily Dex Charms
- Lileep & Cradily Footprint/Pokedex Figure
- Lileep & Cradily Waps
- Lileep & Cradily Staks
- ANY Lileep & Cradily TCG Cards
- Sableye plushes (Hasbro mainly - bidding in a GA for this one)
- Giratina Origin Forme pokedoll
- Giratina Zukan
- Purrloin MPC plush
- Purrloin/Liepard Dot Sprite charm
- Purrloin/Liepard Zukan
- Any smaller Purrloin/Liepard items
- Wooper/Quagsire zukan
- Anorith/Armaldo zukan
- Aerodactyl zukan
- Shieldon/Bastiodon zukan
- Carracosta/Archen/Archeops MPC Plush

All other wants can be found in my Google Doc
Tags: aerodactyl, anorith, archen, archeops, armaldo, bastiodon, bayleef, bronzong, bronzor, carracosta, celebi, chikorita, chimchar, clefable, cradily, dratini, ducklett, fearow, feraligatr, giratina, grotle, hariyama, heatran, ho-oh, jigglypuff, lickitung, liepard, lileep, mamoswine, mantyke, marill, minccino, minun, pachirisu, patrat, phanpy, pichu, pikachu, piloswine, plusle, purrloin, quagsire, raticate, sableye, sales, shaymin, shieldon, spearow, swanna, tangela, totodile, treecko, trubbish, turtwig, wanted, zoroark
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