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New display and some customs!

I'm in the process of re-doing my art room, so today I bought a new shelving unit to display my Pokemon collection a little better. :D


My main collections.  They are quite tiny right now, but I definitely hope to expand on them soon!  I'm working on a large sculpture at the moment that will go in the open space in the middle. :)
Photo May 15, 7 54 54 PM

My Growlithes  <3  The teeny one next to the minicot was the first Pokemon I ever sculpted! The Canvas and Pokemon Time plushes will be joining them very soon!
Photo May 15, 7 55 46 PM

Unbelievably cute drawings done by captainangel of my favorite Pokemon. I found this fantastic frame at Target that holds them perfectly! :D
Photo May 15, 7 56 06 PM

Photo May 15, 7 56 49 PM

Some puppies!  Also my newest figure, Shaymin.  I decided recently I want to collect a few Shaymin items, that little hedgehog is just so cute!
Photo May 15, 7 57 36 PM

Random Collections Part 1
Photo May 15, 7 59 58 PM

Part 2
Photo May 15, 8 00 10 PM

Part 3
Photo May 15, 8 00 18 PM

I also want to share this adorable 3DS case that I got from the Esty store Flea Circus Designs:
Photo May 01, 6 25 40 PMPhoto May 01, 6 27 35 PM
I love it!

My collection is still pretty tiny at the moment, but I'm slowly working on it. :)

I also wanted to mention that I'm still looking for the Pokemon Time iphone 4/4s cover(picture) if anyone has one for sale. :)
Tags: custom, growlithe, herdier, lillipup, meowth, poochyena, shaymin
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