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motion gallery, tarot card, and misc sales

Just got my motion gallery figure set today, which means it's time to sell off the extras. :3 I also have a bunch of Pokebox tarot cards that I've been meaning to sell, as well as some assorted other things. So take a look!



My merch is not exposed to any smoke or any pets. It is all kept safely in my bedroom.
However my room is VERY dusty. I will clean the items as best I can, but if you have a severe dust allergy, keep that in mind when ordering.
I don't accept orders through PM UNLESS we have made specific arrangements about an item already (and even then I try to avoid it).
Haggling is allowed, but keep it reasonable. If someone offers to pay full price after your comment, I will accept the full price offer.
I accept trades and my wants list can be found here.
I will hold an item for no more than 72 hours, and you must commit to buy. If I hold it for you and you do not pay, you will be given a negative feedback.
I ship internationally, but international shipping rates have gone way up as you probably know, so keep that in mind. :|

-I don't drive, so it's hard for me to get to the post office. As a result, I can sometimes ship rather slowly. If you urgently need an item, tell me and I will make every effort to ship it ASAP!
- I ship from the US. Prices do not include shipping or fees.
-Domestic shipping for an envelope (bubble mailer) under 3oz starts at $2.50, Paypal fees included. This covers MOST small plushes and figures.
International shipping starts at $7.00 (I know, it's insane).
- Payment is to

-Minimum purchase is $1.
- I only accept Paypal.
-When you pay, please leave your username and what you bought in a memo attached to the payment.

- My OLD pkmncollectors feedback can be found here, my NEW feedback is here and my ebay feedback can be found here.

Onto the sales:

(stock photo from Sunyshore, let me know if you would like an individual picture of the figure inside its plastic bag)
Motion Gallery Figures, MIP (boxes have been opened to see which figures were inside, but the figures themselves are still sealed in their little plastic bags.) Comes with Ramune candy & an info card about the Pokemon.

Genesect x 1 - $5
Charizard x 2 - $5
Arceus x 1 - $5

Dragonite x 1 - $7
Piplup x 1 - $5
Rotom x 2 - $5
White Kyurem x 1 - $5

Black Kyurem x 1 (secret rare, not pictured above, shown here) - $5
Eevee x 1 - $8

Old Banpresto Keychains (overall very good condition)
Mewtwo - $5
Abra - $3
Sandshrew - $3
Clefable (tiny paint rub on her right cheek) - $3
Mew - $4
Jynx - $3

MWT Jakks Darumaka plush - $10 (it was an impulse buy T_T)'

Tomy DX Kyurem (removed from its clunky box but otherwise mint) - $15

Giant holo Victini/Reshiram/Zekrom Promo Sticker (Celebi kid for size reference) - $1 or free with any purchase

Pokebox Pokemon Tarot Cards
These cards are relatively large (5.5 inches by 2.75 inches), and made of thick paper (/cardboard, possibly). Very nice and professional-looking, as usual for Pokebox.
$2 each, or 3 for $5

The Star, featuring Lopunny, Jirachi, Staryu, Pidgey and Cleffa
Temperance, featuring Dragonair, Wooper, and Totodile
The Hierophant, featuring Wigglytuff, Chimecho, Loudred, Bidoof, Sunflora, and Chatot
The Chariot, featuring Ninetales and Luxio(/Shinx? Not sure)

Strength, featuring Gardevoir and Entei

The World, featuring Mew, Luxray, and Tauros
The Sun, featuring Solrock, Ponyta, Pichu, and Sunflora
The Moon, featuring Lunatone, Mightyena, Growlithe, and Skorupi
Judgement, featuring Altaria, Swablu, Cradily, Cranidos, and Omanyte

The Fool, featuring Meowth and Snubbull
The High Priestess, featuring Cresselia
Wheel of Fortune, featuring Shinx, Riolu, Seviper, Miltank, Absol, Pidgeot, and Roserade
The Hanged Man, featuring Aipom

The Lovers, featuring Tropius, Meganium, Shaymin and Skymin
The Devil, featuring Houndoom, Giratina, Latias and Latios
The Emperor, featuring Empoleon
The Tower, featuring Rayquaza, Psyduck, and Mudkip
Tags: abra, aipom, charizard, clefable, cresselia, darumaka, eevee, empoleon, entei, gardevoir, giratina, jynx, kyurem, lunatone, meganium, meowth, mew, ninetales, piplup, rayquaza, rotom, sandshrew, solrock, tropius, victini
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