Formally killerjaw01 (bergunty) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Formally killerjaw01

AN-A-mazing Collection Update!

Bad pun title I know.

I have managed to get some awesome ANA Jet related items over the last few months; along with some other things I forgot to share.

Shown above the cut is the blue diecast plane JA8956. I have wanted this model for ages; but it was quite expensive for me. I managed to get it for a good price on an eBay auction.
It is my favourite design out of all the planes. Look at the decals:

Next up is its twin; the JA8957. Even though it is made by the same people (Phoenix); is the same scale (1/400); and even has the same box; the decals for this have had....a little less attention paid to them. They look derpy. When I saw the auction pictures I thought it may have been bootlegged; but it appears real enough! I guess this is why I got so lucky with the auction. I must note that all the variations of planes are made by various companies- there are better looking versions of this plane for sale (just not within my price range at the mo):

All of my die-cast planes lined up. I will probably be looking for a larger scale one in the future (probably the original plane). Not a great photo; no room at the moment; and the lighting is poor today:

Now for other ANA merch:

If anyone remembers me selling a load of pencil boards a while back; it was to get this in a job lot. I love all of the expressions here:

I got this just before Christmas from here. I love it loads:

Pouch (wash mitten?) I received today from ladylale. So cute!

Another head rest cloth that came from here as well. The art is repeated a lot over my collection; but I love Meowth's expression. Spot Lapras!

The seller included a card backing thinking it was for the cloth; it wasn't; but it is for the keychains! One of mine didn't have a backing- so it does now thanks:

Flats including a sticker sheet, photo, postcards, Mewtwo boarding pass and cards:

I also got Archeops a while back from denkimouse; here he is with the other MPCs from my Black team. I should get the others really; but I have them in other plush forms:

I also got the Raichu Pokedoll after Xmas; and he had a story; but I seem to have misplaced the photos; so here he is with the Pikachu from my last update. He is perfect!

Hope you enjoyed my update. TTFN xXx
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