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151 Tomy Figures Monster Collection Gets / Wants

Hi there, recently I managed to spend some time to comb all the shops in my town and even online sellers and guess what? Within a short period of time (though countless sleepless nights)...

...I managed to get all 151 1.5''- 2'' pokemon figures from the first TOMY / AULDEY monster collection.

Scream = Yeahhhhh!!!

Pokemon Lots of 151

Got them in more lots but after a round of authenticity checks, I further classified them in descending order according to their item code. Now am left with just 5 big packs! But they won't stay in there for long, will be doing a photo shoot for each and every one of them!

Unfortunately.... my happiness was kinda short-lived. I found that the following figures shown below are either booties or incomplete.

Voltorb without base
The electrode that came along with the lot has a base, but for Voltorb it's a bootie and has no base... oh poor Voltorb. Guess I would have to look for another one that is authentic and has the base intact!

Next is..

Jakks Golbat
Oh my Golbat...I'm not sure if this is a bootie, it has the Tomy imprinted at the back though it seems like a Jakks version
Jakks Golbat Back View
So anyone can tell me if this is a Jakks' or a bootie?

Final one...
Baseless krabby
An authentic Kingler but no base! Argh

So that being said... I'm left with only these 3 to clean up my collection of 151 1st generation pokemon!Anyone who has these figures (very rare)please contact me. I have lots of spares to trade/sell but that will have to wait for official sales permission from the mods.

Pokemon Tomy Fossils and Poke balls
Oh yes, and along with my loot I managed to collect all 3 fossils and pokeballs that came with the legendary pokemons.

Ps. I will unveil all the figures in due time.
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